Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Speidi, Claire, Lacey or Rylan to be evicted?

Will all-American Spencer and Heidi be heading for The Hils, or do you think it’s time for Claire from Steps, that bloke from the X factor or the Banghard character to go? Vote now!

Contrary to popular belief, the hardest thing you’ll ever do is NOT give birth or give up smoking… it’s actually deciding which of the reality behemoths will be third to leave the Big Brother 2013 house.


It’s currently too close to call, with tabloid super polls offering different outcomes on tonight’s eviction – the Sun saying Speidi are finished and its arch rival the Mirror claiming Page 3 stunner Lacey Banghard is heading for a date with Brian Dowling.

At present it looks like former Steps-singer Claire Richards and X Factor eccentric Rylan Clark are safe… but in the heady world of phone votes, can anyone really ever be completely safe?

Well, if you want to have your say but not give your money to Channel 5 via a premium rate phone call, we have a solution – you can vote in our completely free poll.  It won’t count towards the eviction result… but it might decide once and for all who’s more in tune with the people, the Mirror or the Sun…


Happy voting…