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Big Brother 2014: Who is Mark Byron?

Have we found the new Rylan? This 24-year-old fashionista says he "always looks gorgeous" and uses tarot cards to decide what to wear

Published: Thursday, 5th June 2014 at 9:30 pm

Name: Mark Byron


Age: 24

From: Liverpool

Occupation: Fashionista

Twitter account? Mr Mark Byron

Three things you should know...

* Mark is very focused on his image - he gets his hair done professionally four times a week, has a weekly spray tan and has HD eyebrows which he describes as "proper massive and razor sharp". He's planning a Scouse brow day at least once a week where he'll give all his fellow housemates the Liverpool beauty trademark.

* Mark claims to be "a bit psychic" and even uses tarot cards to decide what to wear. He says his friends would describe him as "always looking gorgeous".


* He finds it difficult dating. "My problem is that I'm beyond picky, no one is ever good enough for me."


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