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Big Brother 2014: Who is Jale Karaturp?

The 33-year-old from Surrey "can't live with people" and likes to rant about "s**t drivers, terrible call centre workers and martyrs"

Published: Friday, 6th June 2014 at 9:30 pm

Name: Jale Karaturp


Age: 33

From: Surrey

Occupation: customer adviser

Three things you should know... 

Jale likes to rant, especially about things she's passionate about like "s**t drivers, terrible call centre workers, people who are s**t at their jobs and martyrs."

Jale says her school life was difficult because "a lot of people hated me". Now she works as a customer adviser but has had to move teams because a "girl thought I didn't like her, and like a moron instead of speaking to me like an adult told a manager and it got massively blown up."


Jale lives on her own because she "can't live with people, it's a proven fact." She has to meditate on a daily basis because if she doesn't her "energy builds up, her defence mechanism goes up and her temper comes."


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