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Where is Bake Off: the Professionals filmed?

Where are all the posh cakes?

Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 at 4:21 pm

We can't wait for Bake Off: The Professionals to be back on our screens.


But whenever we watch, we can't help being a little distracted. While the stunning sugar sculptures and yummy pastries leave us drooling, our eyes always wander to the fancy location the teams are baking in. Where are they? And would a fancy semi-circle window like that work in our house?

Here's all you need to know about where Bake Off: The Professionals is filmed.

The fancy kitchen the professionals work in is actually a set, created from scratch in the converted stables at posh stately home Firle Place in Lewes, near Brighton. It takes the team 10 days to set the kitchens up before the contestants arrive! The stables, which can also usually be hired as a wedding venue, are specially insulated and temperature controlled every year to stop any melted chocolate disasters.

There's also a behind the scenes area, where the washing up takes place (well, someone has to do it!). Of course what you also don't see is the army of crew and camera operators, making sure they get the shot when that precarious tower of profiteroles finally topples over. Once the bakers have finished their challenges there is a painful two hour wait before judging commences, which is when the camera team gets most of the shots.

The series does not film in the same location as its sister show The Great British Bake Off.


Bake Off: The Professionals returns to C4 at 8pm on Tuesday 26th May. To find out what's on TV this week, check out our TV Guide.


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