Move over Adele! Miss Piggy’s Hello featuring Kermit the frog is hilariously heartbreaking

Adele, we're gonna let you finish, but Ms Piggy's ode to her failed relationship is the greatest of all time...

It’s been narrated in the style of a nature documentary by Sir David Attenborough, Lionel Richie’s had a laugh about it and now Adele’s Hello has been given the ultimate honour.


The Muppets’ Miss Piggy has released her very own version of it, with Kermit the frog filling in for the lost love lamented throughout the song.

The pair have enjoyed a famously tempestuous relationship over the years, with little sign of things settling for them permanently.

Should Piggy give up? Or should she just keep chasing pavements?


Only time – and a bit of rolling in the deep – will tell.