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Million Dollar Beach House review: Try as it might, Netflix's new real estate show just can't beat Selling Sunset

The series doesn't have the same balance as Selling Sunset when it comes to reality TV and house selling, writes Grace Henry.

Million Dollar Beach House
Published: Wednesday, 26th August 2020 at 3:48 pm

**Contains spoilers for Million Dollar Beach House season one**


After binge watching all of Selling Sunset, we couldn't have been happier when we heard new show Million Dollar Beach House would be coming to Netflix.

Following five real estate brokers who work at the high-end firm, Nest Seekers International, Million Dollar Beach House just seemed liked SS in the Hamptons - wrong!

In fact, Million Dollar Beach House isn't really like the original real estate show at all.

Ok, you have the lavish houses just like those seen in the Hollywood Hills of Selling Sunset.

There's no denying the show delivers the same level of real estate delights, if not to some degree better, depending on what you're looking for.

Here we have panoramic views of beaches and private entrances to the sea, which is slightly different to the busy, city life in LA.

But what it makes up for with the luxury properties, Million Dollar Beach House lacks in other areas.

One thing many love about Selling Sunset is the balance of real estate, and the lives of the ladies and twin bosses at The Oppenheim Group.

In some scenes we have the girls hosting fun, open houses at multi-million dollar properties, and then in others, you have Christine Quinn arguing with someone (usually Chrishell) or her and Mary planning their luxury weddings.

Million Dollar Beach House doesn't manage to achieve the same effect when it comes to introducing us to each broker.

More focused on the property aspect of the show it seems, we don't really get to learn about each broker.

Million Dollar Beach House
Million Dollar Beach House Netflix

And there are some moments where this probably would have gone down really nicely - take Michael and J.B's bromance for instance.

The two men grew up together and now Michael is becoming a dad and their lives are kind of heading in different directions, nevertheless, they remain as close as ever.

Seeing the men on camera together, as Mikey talks about whether he needs training to be a dad, you kind of want to know more about their relationships, however, we're only really given a small snippet of this.

This wouldn't necessarily be an issue if the show focused solely on property, but it doesn't, as we're shown episodes of an ongoing feud between Peggy and Noel, which almost seems quite unnecessary if you ask us.

During the series, perfectionist Noel shows one of Peggy's clients around a home he valued at $35 million. The client thinks the property is overpriced, and instead of explaining his valuation, Noel just dismisses the potential buyer.

Of course, Peggy is annoyed and she tells Noel this in the office in front of everyone. Nevertheless, they hash it out, and all seems to be forgotten.

Million Dollar Beach House
The Million Dollar Beach House agents seemed to get along Netflix

So it almost comes out of nowhere when Noel tells another colleague that he doesn't want to see Peggy at an open house days later, despite the minor issue already being resolved.

This leads to a big, dramatic blow up, which spans several episodes and doesn't really seem to get resolved as the series wraps.

Faves J.B and Michael even kind of get thrown in the mix, and are seen having a heated discussion about it, all the while Noel just stays tight-lipped and gets on with it.

The drama is baffling and given that the brokers seemed to get a long from the get-go, kind of feels like it could have been blown out of proportion for our viewing pleasure.

Selling Sunset: Mary, Christine and Heather
Selling Sunset: Mary, Christine and Heather (NETFLIX) Netflix

Don't get me wrong we love a bit of reality TV drama and there's always going to be disagreements in the workplace, but at a firm like Nest Seekers International where it just seems so chilled, it feels a little forced.

It works at The Oppenheim Group, as it's matched with really bold characters like Quinn, Davina Potratz and Chrishell Stause, and each girl kind of gives as good as she gets.

But, it's not really the case in Million Dollar Beach House, which makes us think it could have probably parked the drama and showed us the property market only.


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