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The X Factor: Celebrity’s Jenny Ryan reveals future on The Chase

The Vixen reveals whether she’d be willing to give up her chair as a top quizzer to become a full-time pop sensation

Jenny Ryan - The X Factor: Celebrity
Published: Friday, 11th October 2019 at 12:01 am

You’d think The X Factor: Celebrity would make a fish out of water of The Chase’s Jenny Ryan – but the quizzing champion, better known as The Vixen, was in her element at Simon Cowell’s Malibu mansion.


The 37-year-old will surprise viewers with her powerful and unique singing voice – a talent she has previously kept firmly under wraps.

Should Ryan manage to impress the judges enough to win the recording contract is yet to be seen, but whether the quizzer takes the top prize or not, she’s insisted she will not be bidding The Chase adieu, stating if host Bradley Walsh can juggle the ITV quiz show with multiple jobs then so can she.

“Brad has a record deal, he’s got albums out, he’s got Doctor Who, and he presents every other programme sometimes when you’re watching of a weekend,” she told and other journalists at The X Factor: Celebrity launch show.

“I’m sure he won’t mind me saying he’s got a couple of decades on me. I’m sure I’ve got the energy to keep that going.”

It was Walsh that encouraged Ryan to enter the X Factor: Celebrity in the first place.

“Bradley is very proud. From the time I joined The Chase he's always encouraged me to push myself and to explore whatever opportunities I am given,” she said.

“That's one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to audition in the first place. I've held myself back a lot for a lack of confidence. And that situation you push yourself forward to take the challenge. It’s a learning experience whatever happens.”

Ryan also credits "the most famous man in Bolton" with giving her the confidence to give the show a go. Speaking of her close friend she said: “My first song in the audition is the first one he made me get up and sing.

“It was one that people would put their pint glasses down in the pub to listen to me. And I think that was the moment I realised this was something a little bit different.”


The X Factor: Celebrity launches Saturday at 8.35pm on ITV


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