Here’s what the Charlie Bit My Finger boys look like now…

It's been eight years – and 816 million YouTube views – since Harry's little brother took a bite out of his finger

Warning: this will make you feel old.


It’s been eight whole years since one-year old Charlie bit his brother Harry’s finger and their dad uploaded it to YouTube. Since then the video has become one of the most popular in the site’s history, clocking up over 816 million views. 

Now CBBC Newsround presenter Ricky Boleto has paid a visit to the famous boys’ family home to see how they’ve grown up and hear their feelings about their unexpected online fame.

Harry says the video makes them laugh and that they’re not embarrassed, but Charlie does add, “I think it’s a bit odd that loads of people watched it.”

The brothers became internet sensations in 2007 after their dad Howard put the 56-second video online for the simple reason that the original file was too large to send via email to the boys’ godparents in the USA.

Eight years later, so many people have clicked play that its success has secured the family thousands of pounds in sponsorship deals and the kids have even appeared in several adverts.


It may have hurt at the time, but Harry’s now quite pleased Charlie bit his finger after all…