Blind Date contestant stood up for the first time in over 20 years

One half of the date failed to show up, but it might not be for the reason you think

Blind Date (Channel 5)

There’s being unlucky in love, and then there’s being Conor Ellison.


Blind Date contestant Conor has become the first person in over 20 years to be stood up on the dating show after the girl who picked him failed to show up.

Conor, 25, was selected by Rosie, 27, on the Channel 5 programme hosted by Paul O’Grady.

Things seemed to be going pretty well at first, but everything soon went south when it came to picking their date.

Blind Date (Channel 5)
Blind Date (Channel 5 / PicSelect)

After choosing an envelope which revealed they would be going on a mountain biking trip in Wales, Rosie said: “Are you serious? Can we get another envelope, please?” Later on, Rosie then pulled out of the date for “personal reasons”, reports The Mirror.

Conor then went to Wales by himself, saying there were “no hard feelings” about his date’s no-show. So, did he have a nice holiday by himself?

“Truthfully, Wales was s***. The weather was horrendous,” he says. Oh, right.

In fact, Conor is even unluckier than the last contestant to be stood up. When David Smith was left hanging in 1997, he still got a trip to Nepal out of it.


Rosie, it looks like you made the right call.