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Epic Gameshow audience poke fun at Alan Carr as he brings back Strike it Lucky

It's not looking very lucky for these contestants...

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow
Published: Friday, 19th June 2020 at 11:38 am

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow will continue on ITV this weekend as the host revives another 9os classic.


This week, Alan will be bringing Strike It Lucky back to life.

In this fantastically fun show, three pairs of players will be choosing the top, middle or bottom as they navigate their way across a sea of screens, trying not to let their greed stop them banking too many prizes, and avoiding the infamous hotspots.

One lucky pair will reach the epic endgame, where they stand to win a mountain of prizes and a luxury holiday to Las Vegas.

The other contestants will go home with either the items they've banked or nothing if they let the competition get the better of them and they land on a dreaded hotspot.

And in a new clip, it's not looking too great for a pair of contestants, and possibly Alan's ego as the audience poke fun at him.

"The first screen is free," Alan tells the contestants as he takes her across the stage and moves her onto one of the ten TV screens.

He continues: "And now you could win a prize, but beware there are hotspots lurking on all these screens."


Calling out to the audience, he then says: "But what's a hotspot not?" to which they respond: "A hot spot!"

"You're good at this!" Alan tells the audience as he continues: "He's the host with the most, a TV star, he's Alan, Alan - "

However, the audience jokingly responds: "Titchmarsh!"

"That hurt! Thank you," he says gritting his teeth, before moving on with the game to reveal that the contestant has won a prize.


But she doesn't seem too happy with the item, though, as Alan imitates the expression on her face and says: "I think you look thrilled with that Pam!"

Clearly not impressed, she decides not to bank on the item, but she just so happens to land on a hotspot on the very next screen - ouch!

We sure hope one lucky contestant will be able to take home the big prize!


Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow continues on ITV with Strike It Lucky on Saturday night at 7.30pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.


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