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Will there be a second series of Gold Digger on BBC One?

***Spoilers ahead for the ending of Gold Digger series 1***

Ben Barnes and Julia Ormond in Gold Digger
Published: Tuesday, 17th December 2019 at 8:30 pm

The truth always comes out in the end. In the final episode of Gold Digger's first season, the BBC One mystery-drama brought a couple of major revelations and tied up some loose ends, before settling into an unexpectedly happy ending.


Fans of the series reacted with surprise to some of the plot developments, with some wondering whether the BBC would renew the programme for another run of episodes...

Will there be a second series of Gold Digger? is currently waiting for confirmation from the BBC one way or the other about whether there will be a second season of Gold Digger, although the nature of the series one finale suggests that Julia and Benjamin's story may have already come to an end.

Fans spent much of the first season doubting Benjamin's (Ben Barnes) motives when he started dating Julia (Julia Ormond), a woman three decades his senior. Much like Julia's children, we were given subtle reasons to suspect that he was hiding something – that he was, as the series' title suggests, a gold digger after Julia's money.

Episode five revealed that the truth may be even darker – Julia learned that Benjamin had been convicted of killing a shopkeeper when he was a teenager.

Calling off the wedding, Julia confronted her lover, who revealed that it was in fact his brother who had carried out the accidental killing – and that he had merely taken the rap to protect his sibling, who was a legal adult, from the more severe penalties.

Eventually Julia made peace with this, and she and Benjamin got married, the series ending on a positive note with the show's main couple in a loving embrace.

While there are a few loose ends that could feasibly stand to be tied up – such as the question of who sent the note to Patrick (Sebastian Armesto) about his extra-marital affair – all of the series' emotional arcs were given a sense of closure. If there was to be another series, it's hard to see where the story would go.

Would Julia and Benjamin get into a new, completely unconnected drama? Or could the series backtrack and reveal that Benjamin was still harbouring dark secrets, which would risk undermining the original ending?

It seems most likely that the show's creators will decide to let sleeping dogs lie – but if we hear otherwise, we'll make sure to update you straight away.


The entire series of Gold Digger can be watched now on BBC iPlayer


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