This is how Sian Brooke hid details of her Sherlock role from family and friends

How did she keep Eurus a secret?


In winning her role in Sherlock, Sian Brooke earned one of the most sought-after parts in television. As the Holmes brothers’ long lost sister Eurus, she shocked, teased and thrilled viewers in a number of disguises before leading her siblings through a sadistic death trap in last night’s series finale.


But to join a drama so steeped in secrecy, Brooke had to call upon her best acting skills to conceal the true nature of her role from her nearest and dearest.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast this morning, the actress revealed her tactics for masking her huge role from family and friends after she was banned by co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss from revealing any details of her new gig.

Brooke recalled having to tell enquirers, “Oh yes, I’m just doing a crime drama for the BBC,” before dodging the inevitable questions…

“‘Oh, what is it?’ ‘Oh, it’s just a new thing.’ ‘What’s it called?’ ‘It hasn’t been named.’ ‘Who’s in it?’ ‘Oh, nobody you’d know.'”


Sian Brooke attending a series three screening with co-star Andrew Scott who plays Jim Moriarty

But withholding the true extent of her role appears to have been the only downside to Brooke’s latest part as she added, “It’s a joy as an actor to be able to play a part like that. It’s so – hopefully! – far removed from myself. It’s a joy but it’s also a challenge because I think as an actor you try to approach things – you’re quite in touch with your emotions – and yet I was playing someone who was devoid of any emotion.”

Ever since the end of last night’s finale, fans have been clamouring for details of a possible fifth series – although unfortunately Brooke had no light to shed on any future episodes…

“I have no idea,” she said. “I’d love there to be another series but it’s up to the powers that be to make that happen.”


Luckily co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss had a few more details to offer, telling fans at a preview screening last week that “we would love to come back”. Fingers crossed, Sherlock fans.