The last ever episode of Ruth Jones’s Stella had fans in floods of tears

They were gutted to say goodbye to their Welsh heroine as the show came to a very emotional conclusion


Fans of Ruth Jones’s comedy drama Stella were in floods of tears as the show came to an end last night after six series on Sky1.


Through their trials and tribulations, the woman from the Welsh Valleys and her family and friends had found a very special place in viewers’ hearts. It’s little wonder they were so touched by the final episode, which many (including our resident Stella expert Mark Braxton) couldn’t have been more pleased with.

It was a very emotional evening on many a sofa throughout the land.

Because for some, the end of Stella was so much more than the end of a TV series. It was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Fans who couldn’t catch the episode last night are still crying this morning.

Because life as they know it just won’t be as “presh” now Stella and her family have left our TV screens.


Long live Pontyberry!