Sunday night saw the finale of The Good Karma Hospital series three, during which one of the show's most beloved characters faced a life-threatening illness - before another character apparently left Good Karma for good...


*Warning: spoilers head for The Good Karma Hospital series three*

What happened at the end of The Good Karma Hospital series 3?

The series finale began with British patient Ted Dalrymple, who finally managed to track down his lost love, Dina. He got as far as her front drive before collapsing, apparently with a seizure - and, not recognising Ted, Dina took him to The Good Karma Hospital.

She later realised the connection, and visited Ted during his recovery, but admitted that she wasn't going to run off into the sunset with him, and emphasising the hard work it takes to build a family and a marriage versus the relative ease of loving someone from afar ("Sometimes love isn't enough").

Was there a parallel there for Gabriel, who has clearly harboured feelings for his old flame and mentor, Aisha Ray - and had lost sight of Ruby?

Elsewhere Jyoti, the nurse who was the victim of an acid attack earlier in the series, had a visit from Lydia, who spoke movingly about her own burns on her arm (the result of a childhood accident) and offered some comfort.

Meanwhile Ruby was nursing a broken heart and looking very much worse for wear as she jealously watched Gabriel and newcomer Aisha (who previously shared a kiss) interact with each other.

While Gabriel initially thought Ruby was hungover, she suddenly took ill and was rushed into the emergency ward, where her old mentor Lydia administered life saving surgery.

Gabriel struggled to maintain his composure after witnessing Ruby at death's door, and when she woke up he admitted that he loved her and that he'd treated her poorly (hooray!) - but then tendered his resignation from the hospital to go soul-searching, after Aisha predicted that he would also break Ruby's heart and that he wasn't ready for commitment.

Will Dr Gabriel Varma return to Good Karma Hospital?

We're not quite sure we can forgive Gabriel for leaving without saying goodbye - especially to Ruby, whom he'd only just said "I love you" to for the first time - before later leaving her a note (while she was asleep!) with "Forgive me, G x" written on it.

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Yep, he couldn't even wait for her to wake up from her nap and tell her in person before driving his motorcycle off into the distance - and leaving boss Lydia in the lurch, too.

Somehow, however, we just can't see him leaving Good Karma forever - after all, there was a similar cliffhanger at the end of last season, when Ruby quit her job and didn't contact Gabriel for months, before finally returning at the start of this series.

Will there be a fourth series of Good Karma Hospital? has contacted Good Karma Hospital reps about the likelihood of a fourth series, but hasn't yet received a reply or confirmation.

However, if there is a fourth series we hope that there's less of a wait in-between - series three was originally due to air back in 2019, but the air date was pushed back.


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