The BBC's beloved drama The A Word focuses on an autistic boy called Joe (Max Venton) and his family, as they seek out ways of coping with the condition while finding some sense of normality - whatever that may be.


Arriving 2-and-a-half years after the second series, the show's latest six-part run is airing on Tuesday nights on BBC One but was also made available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer on 5th May.

If you've already bingewatched the third series and are eager for more, read on for everything you need to know about The A Word series four, including the air date, cast, and potential storylines.

Will there be a The A Word season 4?

The BBC has not yet confirmed whether the show will return for another series - we'll keep this page updated with any developments.

What happened in The A Word series three?

**Contains spoilers for series three** At the start of series three, Joe is now a ten-year-old boy coping with his parents' separation and living in two places at once - a seismic change that he sees through the filter of autism.

Meanwhile, the family is scattered and in disarray, with Alison and Paul divorced and living 100 miles apart in Manchester and the Lake District respectively, while Rebecca (Joe's half-sister) has just realised she's pregnant.

Meanwhile, "only Maurice [Joe's grandfather] is holding it together. And if Maurice is the one holding it together, you know you are in trouble," the synopsis read.

"A family is always a puzzle and this one needs piecing back together, albeit in a different shape."

Things came together at the end of the series when Rebecca safely delivered her baby girl (named after her grandmother), with Alison and Paul sharing a touching moment at the hospital and admitting that their respective new relationships hadn't worked out.

Maurice also proposed - again - to his on-off girlfriend Louise, but she remained coy.

Who could return from the cast?

The A Word

Although nothing has yet been confirmed, the returning cast would likely include Max Vento as Joe; Lee Ingleby as Joe’s dad Paul; Morven Christie as his mum Alison; Molly Wright as Joe’s half-sister Rebecca; and Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston as Joe’s grandfather Maurice.

You can also expect to see more of Pooky Quesnel as Louise and Leon Harrop as her son Ralph.

Stay tuned for more cast announcements...


The A Word airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on BBC One, with series 1-3 also available on BBC iPlayer – check out what else is on with our TV Guide.