Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington had her purse stolen as she collected her Emmy

Of all the people you do not want to mess with, Mary Watson has to be top of the list


Amanda Abbington – who Sherlock fans will know as the brilliant Mary Watson née Morstan and Martin Freeman’s actual real life partner – has been the victim of a heinous crime.


We start this tale in a setting a tad out of the ordinary of your typical Arthur Conan Doyle novel: the 2016 Emmys Awards, where Sherlock: The Abominable Bride has just won the award for best TV Movie.

However, despite Abbington herself feeling initially ecstatic by the victory, little does she know of the misdeed afoot. While our hero was away from her seat to pick up the award and answer questions from the press, her purse, phone and driver’s licence was stolen. At the Emmys!


If there’s one way to flush a load of karmic s*** your direction, it’s to mess with a friend of a certain Baker Street detective.