ITV has shared the first look at Martin Compston thriller Our House, based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Louise Candlish.


In the teaser clip, Downton Abbey's Tuppence Middleton, who stars as Fiona Lawson, the estranged wife to Compston's Bram, can be seen returning home only to discover that a new family are moving in. They claim to have purchased the property.

With her family's possessions and furniture nowhere to be seen, Fi is certain there's been a huge mistake and insists her home isn't for sale and she would know if she had rented it out. However, the woman moving in insists that she and her family now own the house, producing the house key from her pocket as proof.

You can watch the pair's exchange below:

ITV describes the four-parter as "a tense, compelling thriller about the disintegration of a modern marriage and a property obsessed society gone awry, exploring every couple's worst nightmare, that you can build a life, a marriage, a home and then one day it can all just be snatched away."

The series unfolds over two separate timelines, with flashbacks to Fi and Bram's seemingly happy marriage deviating from he present day. Middleton spoke about the "balancing act" required for the role, revealing that "the appeal of taking the part" was that she'd "get to play these two contrasting storylines", which also posed a challenge.

Martin Compston and Tuppence Middleton in Our House
Martin Compston and Tuppence Middleton in Our House ITV

"You have this present-day thriller, which just kind of unravels and becomes more and more incredible as it goes along. And then you have this tragic love story," the actress told a press event attended by "And you're sort of charting the breakdown of this relationship. And really, for me, it was about making the differences between those [timelines] clear and also charting the journey in a way that felt like you were keeping the momentum going without giving the game away too soon.

"It was a real balancing act of trying to work out where you are in this character's headspace at a certain time, because a lot of what happens to Fi during the course of the four episodes is really quite awful, and awful in different ways... Every day was a challenge because there was just so much happening to Fi," she said, adding: "I'd say just the whole shoot was a challenge, in a really great way."

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Also joining the cast are Weruche Opia (I May Destroy You,) as Fi’s best friend and neighbour Merle, and Buket Komur (Honour) as the mysterious and alluring Wendy.

Our House airs on Monday 7th March at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub. Take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage or check out our TV Guide to find out what is on television this week.


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