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When is Messiah released on Netflix? What's it about?

The new thriller series will follow a man hailed as a messiah figure who rises to international prominence

Published: Friday, 6th December 2019 at 2:06 pm

Netflix are adding another original series to their expansive catalogue of programming, which could prove to be one of their most provocative offerings to date.


Messiah is about a CIA agent investigating the origins of a man who is believed to be a divine entity by masses of people.

Here's everything you need to know about Netflix's Messiah...

When is Messiah released on Netflix?

Messiah will be available to stream from Wednesday 1st January 2020, also known as New Year's Day.

What is Messiah about?

A mysterious man begins gaining international recognition after allegedly performing miracles, causing many to believe that he may be the second coming of God.

Increasingly alarmed by his growing following, the CIA assign officer Eva Geller to investigate his unknown origins and find out the truth behind this mysterious figure.

Suddenly, she's in a race against time as the man's influence becomes so great that he could very well change the entire world order as we know it today.

A central theme of the thriller is how social media can be used to wield power and influence people in the digital age.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, the first trailer for the series was revealed in December 2019.

Who is in the cast of Messiah?

The series is led by Mehdi Dehbi (London Has Fallen) and Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible - Fallout) as the charismatic messiah figure and the CIA's investigating officer respectively.

Messiah will show how people from various walks of life respond to the supposedly divine man, including John Ortiz (The Cloverfield Paradox) as a Texas preacher, Tomer Sisley (We're The Millers) as an Israeli intelligence officer, Jane Adams (Sneaky Pete) as a journalist covering the story, and newcomer Sayyid El Alami as a Palestinian refugee.

Rounding out the supporting cast are Beau Bridges (Bloodline), Wil Traval (Jessica Jones) and Melinda Page Hamilton (How To Get Away With Murder).


Are there any first look images at Netflix's Messiah?

Netflix have released a few pictures from the upcoming first season to give viewers a sneak peek at what's to come...

Mehdi Debhi in Netflix's Messiah
John Ortiz in Netflix's Messiah
Michelle Monaghan in Netflix's Messiah

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