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Martin Compston would be "heartbroken" not to reunite the Line of Duty cast but says "everyone needs time away" from the show

He also addressed the "wild" aftermath of the series six finale.

Martin Compston as DS Steve Arnott in Line of Duty season 6 ep 1
Published: Thursday, 13th May 2021 at 12:06 pm

Fans of Line of Duty may have to wait a while until a possible seventh, after series star Martin Compston stressed that "everybody, including the audience, needs a bit of time away from it".


Compston, who plays detective Steve Arnott in the beloved BBC series, says he has no idea whether or not AC-12 will reunite, but that he's holding out hope.

“The genuine answer is that we don’t know [if the series will return]," he told ES Magazine. “But that’s nothing new. Jed [Mercurio] always takes time away from it. I think what I would say, the two things I would say, is that the idea that I would never work with all the guys again together would be heartbreaking.

“But also with everything that’s just gone on this week, I think everybody, including the audience, needs a bit of time away from it. So we’ll see.”

Compston also defended the show's controversial ending, which finally revealed the identity of the elusive corrupt copper 'H', or The Fourth Man.

Almost 13 million fans tuned in to find out who 'H' was but, not all of them were happy with the finale.

A poll previously revealed that 83 per cent of Line of Duty viewers were unsatisfied by the series six finale after 16,700 voted.

“You’ve got to respect people have invested so much in this thing and everybody has a different version of their ending, but yes… it’s been a pretty wild few days," Compston said.

Speaking about the reveal of 'H', he continued: "I think he [show creator Jed Mercurio] felt it would have been a bit of a cop-out to have — and he’s right — some sort of cat-stroking mastermind and then a crazy gun shoot-out. I think he felt that would have been the easy option.”

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