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Line of Duty fans are convinced Hastings isn't 'H'

Instead viewers suspect another character has some major OCG connections

Published: Monday, 29th April 2019 at 11:49 am

Mother. Of. God. After one of Line of Duty’s most nerve-shredding interview scenes to date, Superintendent Ted Hastings is now behind bars, accused of being one of the bent coppers he's spent a career trying to catch.


During the BBC1 drama’s latest instalment, Adrian Dunbar’s AC-12 chief came under fire from Patricia Carmichael, an ambitious Detective Chief Superintendent played by Anna Maxwell-Martin.

Alongside other officers from AC-3, Carmichael raised serious questions over the highly suspicious envelope of £50,000 Hastings kept in his hotel room – the money passed to him by Mark Moffat. And things went from bad to worse for Ted when he was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder John Corbett, with Carmichael accusing Hastings of tipping off the OCG that Corbett was an undercover police officer.

With Hastings locked in a police cell, Carmichael then announced her next plan: to prove he is ‘H’, a bent officer at the heart of a merciless criminal group.

But despite the damning evidence, fans are seriously confused as to whether Ted is actually a corrupt copper or not.

However, most are convinced that Hastings isn’t ‘H’...

…And many are instead pointing to Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker), the legal advisor who suspiciously offered her services to Ted – after serving him a Regulation 15 notice.

We’ve got our own reservations about Hastings being ‘H’, too. Although there’s plenty of evidence suggesting Line of Duty’s white knight has been straying far from the letter of the law, a few moments in episode five cast doubt on his OCG connections.

From alternative theories about the Corbett tip-off and Ted’s innocence, you can read our full explainer here.


Line of Duty is on 9pm Sunday, BBC1


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