Has Game of Thrones dropped more hints that Lady Stoneheart will finally appear?

Oh Catelyn Stark, where are you?


Where on earth is Lady Stoneheart? Game of Thrones fans thought the Ice and Fire character, the resurrected Catelyn Stark, might turn up on the TV show – and when she was nowhere to be seen by the season three finale, there was hope that she’d arrive in season four instead…but she didn’t. And now, for gods (of new and old) sake, we’re on season six.


So all hope might be lost. Goodbye Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart.

Or is it hello? Because despite the fact that she was killed and tossed in a river three years ago, the Stark matriarch was the name on everyone’s lips in tonight’s episode. There were three ENTIRE conversations about her, with Jaime and Edmure Tully remembering the time she whacked Jaime with a rock, the Blackfish discussing his niece Catelyn with great fondness and Brienne talking even more than usual about the oath she’d made to her.

So either her family really needs to get some Catelyn closure… or these are rather clunky hints about her possible return.

And if that wasn’t enough for the Lady Stoneheart believers, The Hound recently bumped into the Brotherhood Without Banners, the group she enlists in the books to help her seek revenge on the Lannisters. And then there were the well-placed flashbacks to the Red Wedding and the coincidental reappearance of certain characters (*cough* Edmure and the Blackfish *cough*) during last week’s episode to add to our collective excitement.


Of course, Lady Stoneheart may never appear and this could all be a cruel way to mess with our minds. But there are lots of signs pointing to her return – and even more clues dissected right here.