Fans think Tommy Shelby’s son dies in upcoming series of Peaky Blinders

A popular Reddit fan theory points to the death of Tommy's young son Charlie

Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby) and Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby) in Peaky Blinders | Series 5 (BBC One) | Episode 02

Peaky Blinders fans are predicting that Tommy Shelby’s young son Charlie will die during season five, with one popular Reddit thread identifying various scenes in the latest trailer where it looks like the Shelby family could be in mourning.


“Does it look to anyone else that little Charlie won’t be alive at the end of this season?” asked u/democraticbunny, before pointing to three key moments as evidence.

The first is a shot of Tommy (played by Cillian Murphy), accompanied by what appears to be his young daughter Ruby. From the angle of the shot, and the expression on Tommy’s face, they appear to be staring down into a grave — but whose?


The second moment might give us a clue as to whose body Ruby and her father were burying, as we see Tommy appearing to cradle a young boy (take a closer look at the second shot for scale).


And finally the third shot is of Ada (Sophie Rundle) dressed in black — could it be (rather stylish) mourning gear? — and crying silently. Given that she’s Charlie’s aunt, it would be perfectly natural for her to mourn the loss of her nephew…


Unsure about the fan theory? You can watch the full trailer for yourself below:

The fifth series of Steven Knight’s crime family saga is set to centre around Tommy’s own fragile mental state, and his dealings with Oswald Mosley MP, a notorious real-life figure who led the British Union of Fascists from the early 1930s.


Peaky Blinders will return for season 5 at 9pm on Sunday 25th August, BBC1