The plot of Netflix's Burning Body sounds like a work of fiction, but it's based on a harrowing real-life case that grabbed the attention of the press and public in Spain, where the events unfolded, and beyond.


Burning Body true story

Three Barcelona-based police officers were involved in a love triangle that ended in tragedy when one of the individuals was murdered.

In May 2017, Pedro Rodríguez's body was discovered inside the trunk of a car at the Foix reservoir, a natural park spanning over 7,800 acres.

The vehicle had been set alight with Rodríguez inside.

Before his death, Rodríguez had been in a relationship with his colleague Rosa Peral. They began dating in 2016 and moved in together that same year - but there was a shock in store for Rodríguez.

Fellow Guàrdia Urbana officer Albert López informed Rodríguez that he was also in a sexual relationship with Peral. They had reportedly been in an on-off dynamic since 2012, with Peral married to another man at that time.

This latest complication put strain on both relationships, with Peral and López taking some time apart. But in early 2017, they picked up where they left off – and they hatched a plot to murder Rodríguez.

They killed him inside the home he shared with Peral in the seaside town of Vilanova i la Geltrú. It's believed that he received "at least one blow to his skull when he was either asleep, dozing or drugged" (via The Telegraph), but it's unknown who actually killed him.

24 hours later, the car containing Rodríguez's body was set on fire. In an attempt to cover their tracks, Peral and López then took the deceased's car and mobile phone to locations he would typically visit. They also told acquaintances that Rodríguez had been feuding with Peral's ex-husband to construct an explanation for his disappearance and death.

Rosa Peral now: What happened to her?

In April 2020, almost three years later, Peral and López were both found guilty of Rodríguez's murder, receiving sentences of 25 and 20 years respectively.

They had both tried to pin the blame on one another and appealed the decision, but the original ruling was upheld.

In Netflix documentary Rosa Peral's Tapes, the ex-police officer gives her first interview from prison.

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