Ben Miller confirms Professor T season 2 storyline: ‘Exciting things are coming’

Jasper will return.

Professor T (ITV)

There’s more mystery on the way for Professor Jasper Tempest in the upcoming Professor T season two.


The BritBox series was commissioned for a second instalment after proving popular the first time around, with Ben Miller’s titular character proving a charming, if not flawed, protagonist.

The Cambridge criminologist, who had a difficult upbringing, might finally be getting the help he needs in season two, at least according to Miller. spoke exclusively with the actor, and asked him all about Professor T season two, which is in the early days of production.

“We had a script meeting last week,” Miller said. “One thing I think I’m allowed to reveal is Professor T’s gonna go into therapy, which is going to be fantastic.

“He’s such a sort of quirky character and if anybody needs therapy, it’s him. So yeah, I’m really, really looking forward to it.”

What’s more, Miller explained the team behind the crime series have scope for even more seasons after this, too.

“We’ve got lots planned for not just this series, but also – we hope – future series. Lots of exciting things are gonna happen to that character and to those characters. It’s double bubble, Professor T, because you get really, really great crime every week – really baffling crime – but you also have these fantastic longer stories about those characters, and they’re all fascinating.

“Two stories that I particularly love is the story of Professor T and his mother. I really enjoy Adelaide and this dark past they have. But also, the relationship between him and Christina, the police boss.”

Miller added: “I love the way it mixes really serious drama with really, really light comedy – it does both.”


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