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Meet the cast of Anthony – the BBC's Anthony Walker drama

The names playing the key roles in this emotional 90-minute film.

Anthony Walker (Toheeb Jimoh)
Published: Thursday, 23rd July 2020 at 11:57 am

Fifteen years after the murder of Liverpool teenager Anthony Walker, BBC One is airing Jimmy McGovern's drama Anthony, a film inspired by the "unfulfilled dreams" of the aspiring lawyer.


The 90-minute film stars Toheeb Jimoh as Anthony Walker, who was killed in a racist attack on 29th July 2005. Based on conversations between McGovern and Anthony's mother Gee Walker, the drama tells the story of the life Anthony "could have lived" and what kind of man he could have grown up to become.

Here's everything you need to know about the cast of Anthony.

Toheeb Jimoh plays Anthony Walker

Anthony (BBC)

Who is Anthony Walker? Anthony was an 18-year-old Liverpool student who was murdered in a racist attack on 30th July 2005. He was a devout Christian and a lover of basketball who dreamt of studying Law at university and visiting America.

Where have I seen Toheeb Jimoh before? Jimoh, who graduated from Guildhall School of Drama in 2018, doesn't have many acting credits to date, having appeared in Virgin series The Feed and an episode of daytime drama London Kills. However, the emerging talent is set to appear in Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch, Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso and Amazon Prime's The Power.

Rakie Ayola plays Gee Walker

Rakie Ayola as Gee Walker in BBC One's Anthony
Rakie Ayola as Gee Walker in BBC One's Anthony BBC

Who is Gee Walker? Gee Walker is the mother of Anthony Walker, whose conversations with Jimmy McGovern were the basis for this 90-minute drama. In Anthony, she is a mother of 5 with a strong Christian faith.

Where have I seen Rakie Ayola before? Ayola is best known for playing Kyla Tyson in Holby City, however she has also appeared in EastEnders, Doctor Who, No Offence and Black Mirror. In 2017, she began playing Hermione Granger in the West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Julia Brown plays Katherine Walker

Julia Brown as Katherine Walker
Julia Brown as Katherine Walker

Who is Katherine Walker? Katherine is a fictional character, who becomes Anthony Walker's wife and the mother of their child. The pair meet when they are 19 and while she's spiky to him at first, Anthony's charm soon melts her icy exterior.

Where have I seen Julia Brown? Scottish actress Julia Brown's first acting role was Keri Summer in CBBC's M.I. High, but she has since appeared in Shetland, The Last Kingdom and World on Fire.

Bobby Schofield plays Mick Woodfield

Mick Woodfield (BOBBY SCHOFIELD)

Who is Mick? Mick is a friend of Anthony's from school who, by the time Anthony turns 25, is living on the streets due to his alcoholism. Anthony takes it open himself to help out his old companion by letting him live in his family house and reconnecting him with his estranged wife and child.

Where have I seen Bobby Schofield before? Schofield has previously appeared in Doctors, historical drama Knightfall and Inside No. 9. He also features in the film adaptation of Caitlin Moran's How to Build a Girl.

Stephanie Hyam plays Helen

Helen Woodfield (STEPHANIE HYAM)

Who is Helen? Helen is the wife of Mick, who is reluctantly forced to kick her husband out of their family home after his alcoholism becomes unmanageable.

Where have I seen Stephanie Hyam before? Hyam is best known for her roles in Jekyll & Hyde, Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders and Bodyguard as well as BBC Three's factual drama Murdered by My Boyfriend.

Shaniqua Okwok plays Dominique Walker

SHANIQUA OKWOK as Dominique Walker
SHANIQUA OKWOK as Dominique Walker BBC

Who is Dominique Walker? Dominique is Anthony's sister, who steps in as Anthony's 'best man' on his wedding day when Mick becomes incapacitated after drinking too much.

Where have I seen Shaniqua Okwok before? Okwok has appeared in Shakespeare & Hathaway, Van der Valk, Sick of It and Marcella.

Wesley Bozonga plays Daniel Walker

Who is Daniel Walker? Daniel is Anthony's brother, who is Anthony's first pick for best man before pulling out the day before his wedding.

Where have I seen Wesley Bozonga before? Bozonga appeared in an episode of comedy Sliced last year and short film Swiped.

Ade Ajibade plays Angella Walker

Angela Walker (ADE AJIBADE)

Who is Angella Walker? Angella Walker is one of Anthony's sisters.

Where have I seen Ade Ajibade before? Ajibade has previously appeared in Doctors and Moving On.

Robinah Kironde plays Donna Walker


Who is Donna Walker? Donna is one of Anthony's sisters.

Where have I seen Robinah Kironde before? Kironde has appeared in TV series The Widow and Amazon's Carnival Row.

Dominique Moore plays Steph Walker

Dominique Moore as Steph Walker

Who is Steph Walker? Steph is one of Anthony's sisters.

Where have I seen Dominique Moore before? Moore has appeared in ITV's Torvill & Dean as well as Hotel Trubble, Horrible Histories, Tracey Ullman's Show and 2019's Four Weddings and a Funeral TV series. Recently, she featured in A Confession alongside Martin Freeman, and she currently voices Ruth in Thomas & Friends.

Phina Oruche plays Aunty Vera

Phina Oruche
Phina Oruche Getty Images

Who is Aunty Vera? Aunty Vera is Anthony Walker's aunt, who supports his mother Gee in the aftermath of his death.

Where have I seen Phina Oruche before? Liverpool-born actress Phina Oruche is best known for playing Liberty Baker in Footballers' Wives, but has also appeared in Doctors, Hollyoaks and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is also a radio and TV presenter, having appeared as a panellist on The Wright Stuff and presenting a show on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Siobhan McSweeney plays Luighseach Kelly

Siobhan McSweeney
Siobhan McSweeney Getty Images

Who is Luighseach Kelly? Luighseach is a midwife who delivers Anthony and Katherine's baby when Katherine goes into labour mid-way through a train journey. Anthony and Katherine name their baby girl after her.

Where have I seen Siobhan McSweeney before? McSweeney is best known for playing the eye-rolling Sister Michael in Derry Girls. She has also appeared in Collateral, No Offence, The Fall and Porters.

Leo Wringer plays Steve Walker

Leo Wringer as Steve Walker
Leo Wringer as Steve Walker BBC

Who is Steve Walker? Steve Walker is Anthony's father, who has separated from Gee by the time of his wedding.

Where have I seen Leo Wringer before? Wringer has appeared in Law and Order, Silent Witness, Black Earth Rising and The Moonstone. He recently appeared in Heirs of the Night and Sitting in Limbo as Thaddeus.

Jay Lycurgo plays Marcus

Jay Lycurgo plays Marcus
Jay Lycurgo plays Marcus BBC

Who is Marcus? Marcus is Anthony Walker's cousin, who he spent the night of his murder with at his home whilst babysitting his nephew. Marcus was with Anthony when he was attacked, but managed to escape to find help.

Where have I seen Jay Lycurgo before? Lycurgo has appeared in Doctors and Michaela Coel's I May Destroy You.

Josh Bolt plays Michael Barton

Josh Bolt
Josh Bolt Getty Images

Who is Michael Barton? Michael Barton is one of the men convicted of murdering Anthony Walker. He is currently serving a 17 years and eight month sentence in prison.

Where have I seen Josh Bolt before? Bolt played Rob Dawson in Benidorm and Raff Greenwood in Last Tango in Halifax. He has recently appeared in Grantchester, Barbarians Rising and Catch-22.

James Ledsham plays Paul Taylor

Who is Paul Taylor? Paul Taylor is one of the men convicted of murdering Anthony Walker. He is currently serving a jail sentence of 23 years and eight months.

Where have I seen James Ledsham before? Ledsham has appeared in Dead Man's Cards and more recently, short film Levelling the Score.


Anthony airs Monday, 27th July at 8:30pm on BBC One. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide.


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