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Ackley Bridge stars discuss THAT major hit-and-run storyline twist

Poppy Lee Friar and Amy-Leigh Hickman open up about Ackley Bridge series three episode two – and how it felt to film those "emotional" scenes

Ackley Bridge S3 EP2
Published: Tuesday, 25th June 2019 at 9:00 pm

Ackley Bridge's series three premiere left us on a cliffhanger as (SPOILER ALERT!) a yellow sports car sped straight into Nas (Amy-Leigh Hickman) and Missy (Poppy Lee Friar), sending them flying. Would they both survive? What would this accident mean for their future?


And the Channel 4 drama certainly played with our emotions in episode two – keeping a lump in fans' throats and tears in our eyes. First of all it looked like Nas was dead, and then it seemed both girls had survived the accident with only broken arms, broken ribs and some nasty bruising. Phew!

Ackley bridge

But then, just when it seemed the danger had passed, Missy died.

This was a major shock for Missy's friends and family, as well as for viewers at home. It seems Missy's injuries were far more serious than anyone had thought, blurring her vision and making her drowsy and killing her in her sleep.

"It’s very sad and traumatising for the characters as well as fans!" Poppy said, reflecting on Missy Booth's untimely death. "It’s always sad saying goodbye to a character you’ve played but they always stay in your heart, so Missy is alive forever within me. I adored playing her.

"Such a rich character, fun, emotional, witty, sassy, strong, loving and lovable."

"It was hard having to film those scenes because Poppy really was leaving the show," Amy-Leigh revealed. "It felt a little close to the bone because it really was the end of Missy and Nas! Therefore, there was a lot of truth within what we were producing as we knew how much we really were going to miss each other.

"Friendship is the most important thing to Nas, which is something I can strongly relate too."

Ackley Bridge series 2

The episode comes to a poignant end, taking us back to that sofa on the skip where the two girls have spent so many important hours.

"The most emotional scene I think for me was the last time Amy and I filmed on the skip, when Missy is in Nas’ imagination," Poppy said. "We’d come full circle and it is iconic of their friendship so it has so much meaning. Everything happened up there, laughs, confessions, tears, gossip...!"

The actress added: "Ackley Bridge has meant a great deal. I’ve worked with exceptionally lovely, talented people, in beautiful Yorkshire, playing a character that was a joy to perform every day.

"The show has touched the hearts of audiences and I feel very lucky and proud to have been a part of it."


Ackley Bridge continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4


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