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13 burning questions we have after Thirteen episode 4

What. A. Cliffhanger.

Published: Friday, 5th October 2018 at 11:22 am



We've heard his voice and learned what he's capable of, but will we FINALLY meet the mysterious man who brought Ivy Moxam's world crumbling down?

We know she has to meet him at the cinema if she wants to find Phoebe, but will we actually see her kidnapper or will he remain in the shadows?


“She doesn’t matter,” White told Ivy when she asked about the little girl.

Could that be because she's already been removed from the equation? Or is there still hope that missing Phoebe will be found?


It's been hinted throughout the series that things between Ivy and Mark were very complicated.

We know he called her Alison and made her call him Leonard, and we know she's had sex. In fact, from her conversations with her sister, mum and Elliot and Lisa, we've gathered that White's attitude to Ivy changed quite a bit once she turned 16 and it became "proper" – but was it consensual? And did she stay in his house of her own free will?

It's unlikely, but it's certainly a question we're pushed towards asking.


Ivy was down in that cellar for a decade after she turned 16 and we still can't get her conversation about fish being good for a baby out of our heads.

Could she and Mark have had a child? It's not beyond the realm of possibility.


We've already seen Angus leave his Spanish lover, and Christina's finally come clean about what really happened with Ivy's headmaster – but will the pair really be able to put the past behind them?

"You must be really happy to go back to your old home, your old life. Just leave, like it never happened”, Angus' lover said as he packed his things.

"You did. It did", he replied.

Will the Moxams ever be able to forget it and move on?


As one couple begins to reconcile, another continues to fall apart.

Tim confessed to friend Eloise that he thinks he's in love with old flame Ivy, while his wife Yazz announced that if he ran off after his old pal one more time she would leave. (He did, she didn't.)

And despite Elouise seemingly talking some sense into the lad, he remains constantly conflicted.

“You and me, we don’t really know each other any more”, Ivy told him. "But we did," he interjected, hopefully, with defeated red eyes. "Yeah, we did," she acknowledged, dropping her hand down on bench beside his.

Will their old flame burn bright again in the future?


Talk about a will-they-won't-they-or-have-they-already?

The tension between the pair keeps building, only to dissipate the moment Ivy comes into the equation.


Elliot and Ivy's dynamic has been interesting since day one. He's always been more eager to protect her than question her, but that all changed the minute he figured out she'd been telling lies.

Elliot seemed almost personally offended by her lies, and really went hard on her during questioning.

But once he realised why she'd hidden the truth, the poor guy fell to pieces.

"I just wanted to say sorry. I let you down," he told Ivy before she left the station, begging her to hear him out with a "please let me try to explain".


"There’s nothing to explain. You’re a police man, you were just doing your job. You’re not my friend, you’re not my family", Ivy replied. And the look on poor Elliot's face seemed to say it all.

Or did it?


He did break into her therapist's office, after all.


This week's episode seemed to focus almost entirely on the making and breaking of relationships and Ivy's sister Emma was no exception.

Her fiancé Craig packed his bags and left as their relationship crumbled under the pressure.

Will he back to wed his bride? Or is it all over for the pair?


The police officer is bloodied and brooding in this snap from next week's episode.


Did you spot the van speeding towards the police car in the trailer for the series finale? We're pretty sure that's Mark White in the driving seat, but who could his passenger be?

The hand looks far too small to be that of a child.

Could it… Ivy?


She's very possibly in the van.

Her mother and sister are running and screaming her name.


And her dad is bawling his eyes out.


Guess we'll just have to sit tight until next week to see what happens...


This article was originally published in 2016


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