Nearly 50,000 people want Snoop Dogg to narrate a series of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth

Is this idea so bad that it's genius?


A petition to make Snoop Dogg the new narrator of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series has attracted nearly 50,000 signatures.


Fans have decided that the rapper is the ideal man to talk us through an otter’s mating ritual or the eating habits of a pod of dolphins.

Snoop Dogg first showed off his narrating skills on Jimmy Kimmel last year with a segment called Plizzanet Earth, after which viewer Kelly Ooton decided this needed to be a real show and set up a petition.

And you’ll be relieved to know that the rapper is backing his fans’ call for his appointment on the BBC nature series. He’s keen and ready to step up at any point…


Here’s a taste of the rapper’s presenting style. It’s certainly got something “different” about it, even if he hasn’t quite got the extensive, award-winning knowledge of the natural world that Attenborough has.