Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers – everything you need to know

Dani Dyer provides narration for the new Channel 4 documentary

Kallum, Judd, Alex

Although Trotters Jewellers might share the name of the UK’s most famous market traders, the products on sale here go for a lot more than what Del Boy had to offer.


Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers introduces you to schoolmates Judd, Alex and Kallum, who find themselves in charge of an upmarket jewellery business.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Channel 4 documentary…

What is Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers about?

The documentary goes behind the scenes at Trotters Jewellers in Bethnal Green in London’s East End. Ownership of the family-run business has recently passed on to 26-year-old Judd, who manages with old schoolmates Alex and Kallum.

The film shows the team designing a commemorative piece for a current world champion boxer, while a bricklayer splashes out on a £9,000 watch and another man buys a diamond necklace to say sorry. Plus, staff travel to New York to get ahead of the trends and meet jeweller to the stars Richie Rich.

Is there a review?

Kallum, Judd, Alex
Kallum, Judd, Alex

Radio Times critic David Butcher got an advanced look at the show and had this to say about it:

“Amid the market stalls of Bethnal Green in east London is the shopfront of Trotters Jewellers. Inside, a fortified Aladdin’s cave of diamond watches, gold chains and glittering pendants is overseen by local lads Judd, Alex and Kallum – the “East End kings of bling”, according to one magazine profile.

This likeable one-off feels like the pilot for what could easily be a series, every scene jaw-dropping. Bricklayer Radley drops by to spend £12,000 (cash in hand) on a watch. Zara from Bradford buys her two-year-old son some “baby bling” (£600). The boys visit New York and commission a £100,000 “chandelier” watch encrusted with gems. It’s all crazy, over-the-top, decadent and brilliant to, er, watch.”

Who narrates Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers?

Love Island 2018 winner Dani Dyer narrates as the three lads go on about their glitzy business.


What time is Diamond Dealers and Cockney Geezers on Channel 4?

The documentary will air at 10pm on Monday 20th January 2020 on Channel 4. It will also be available to watch on All 4 after it airs.