15 tweets that sum up the reaction to the first ever Peston on Sunday

How did Robert Peston's new ITV politics show go down with viewers?


When telling Radio Times about his new Sunday politics ITV show, Robert Peston said that he wanted to interview politicians in a new, revealing way – but admitted that he “may fail completely miserably”.


So did he fail, or do exactly what he set out to do? Here’s what viewers have said so far about the first show…

Viewers generally felt it was a nice, if gentle, accompaniment to Sunday morning politics.

Apparently quite large…

Despite the super-sized studio, the format itself won plenty of plaudits.

Although with Marr and Sunday Politics vying for our attention on the other side, how much politics on Sunday do we really need?

One thing’s for sure: it will definitely take a while to get used to seeing politicans match Peston’s ‘dress down’ style.

So, first show in the bag, and Peston didn’t fail miserably after all. Even if George Osborne didn’t do any cooking…