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How to watch The IT Crowd - what’s it about and who’s in the cast?

Find out where to watch and stream The IT Crowd if The IT Crowd is on Netflix as well as your guide to the cast and what it's about

The IT Crowd
Channel 4
Published: Monday, 7th October 2019 at 12:21 pm

Most jobs require IT skills these days, but it's rare that you're really expected to understand how and why your computer does its thing, because there's a team of unsung heroes who sort out the hard stuff for you.


The IT Crowd explores what happens when a 'normal' corporate employee who has (ever so slightly) exaggerated her computer skills gets assigned as the manager of a group of such tech whizzes in their dingy basement office.

Where can I watch The IT Crowd?

You can watch The IT Crowd on Netflix, Channel 4 On DemandiTunes or Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy the DVD box set.

What is The IT Crowd about?

Jen is a confident, professional businesswoman who's ready to take on the challenge of climbing her way to the top of Reynholm Industries, even if the CEO is a bit eccentric. But after she successfully convinces her new boss that she is an IT expert - despite the fact that does doesn't even know what the letters IT stand for - she ends up not in the towering office with city views that she aspires to, but as the relationship manager of the IT department in a dark, stuffy basement.

But despite her initial apprehension, Jen eventually befriends the two awkward but good-natured nerds Maurice and Roy.

From dealing with inappropriate behaviour from an incompetent and lazy boss to the drama of their personal lives, this unlikely trio become firm friends and stick together through it all, and it becomes clear that despite Jen's superficial charm and apparent confidence, underneath the surface, she is just as much of a misfit as her colleagues.

Who's in the cast of The IT Crowd?

Jen Barber was played by Katherine Parkinson, and she won a British Comedy Best TV Actress Award in 2009 and a BAFTA in 2014 for her role. She also starred as a journalist in Sherlock, and played Laura Hawkins in Humans.

Chris O'Dowd starred as Roy Trenneman, whilst Richard Ayoade played Maurice Moss. O'Dowd also starred in Bridesmaids and Calvary, whilst Ayoade has recently featured in The Crystal Maze and was a presenter for Travel Man.

Other cast members include comedian Noel Fielding as the team's mysterious Goth colleague Richmond Avenal, Chris Morris as Denholm Reynholm, and Matt Berry as Douglas Reynholm.

Where was The IT Crowd filmed?

The show was mostly filmed in Teddington Studio for the first season, but then moved to Pinewood Studios for seasons two, three and four.

For exterior shots of Reynholm Industries, Thomas More Square in London was used, whilst the shopping centre scene where Maurice and Roy run up a 'down' escalator was filmed in The Whitgift Centre, Croydon.

Where is The IT Crowd set?

The IT Crowd is set in London, in a towering cooperate complex. The IT office in which the team spends most of their time is located in the basement.

When did The IT Crowd first air?

The show first aired in February 2006, and its last episode was broadcast in September 2013.

Why did The IT Crowd end?

The series ended because its creator Graham Linehan wasn't enjoying making it anymore - he told his fans on Reddit that he decided to end the series because "I just wasn't looking forward to it the way I used to. I felt that the last series was a nice strong point to go out on, and anything further might just be running on the spot. You don’t do your best work when you’re running on the spot."


How many series of The IT Crowd are there?

The series has four series with a total of 25 episodes.


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