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Sadiq Khan to make a cameo appearance in Citizen Khan

Yes, The Mayor of London scores his debut acting role

Published: Monday, 24th October 2016 at 12:22 pm

He’s a feminist who has taken down body-shaming adverts, frozen public transport fares, AND he loves clubbing. Just when you thought Sadiq Khan couldn’t be any more of a legend, it turns out he is making a cameo appearance in Citizen Khan.


The Mayor of London will star in the first episode of the fifth series of the BBC sitcom, playing himself and posing for selfies - which seems to be what he does literally most of the time anyway.


Doing what he does best while campaigning earlier this year

The episode sees the main character and self-appointed community leader Mr Khan (played by the show's creator Adil Ray) having to bare all after forgetting his wedding anniversary, and includes a chance meeting with Sadiq Khan.

Other guest stars in this series include Harry Enfield, Niky Wardley, Ricky Grover, Lynda Baron and Conservative peer Baroness Warsi.


Citizen Khan is back on BBC1 on 4 November


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