ITV2’s Plebs will end with a feature-length special

The ITV2 comedy will not air for a sixth series, concluding instead with a longer one-off episode

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Plebs: SR4 on ITV2

Pictured: Jason [Jonathan Pointing], Grumio [Ryan Sampson] and Marcus [Tom Rosenthal].

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ITV 2’s comedy Plebs will end with a feature-length special instead of returning for a sixth series.


Speaking to The Sun about the special’s plot, the sitcom’s director Sam Leifer said: “After five series, we wanted to go out with a bang. So we’re sending the plebs off to join the army.

“Unsurprisingly, they won’t cover themselves in glory or return as conquering heroes.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to watching Tom [Rosenthal] crawling on his hands and knees through the mud.”

Plebs, which first aired on ITV2 in 2013, follows Marcus (Tom Rosenthal), his slave Grumio (Ryan Sampson) and, in the recent series, Jason (Jonathan Pointing), as they go about life in Ancient Rome.

During the series’ five-season run, Plebs has won some coveted awards, including the Royal Television Society Award for Best Scripted Comedy and a British Comedy Award.


Series five aired late last year, and while the feature-length episode was due to be filmed this summer, it seems production may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to The Sun. It’s unclear at this stage when the finale episode might hit the small screen.

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