David Walliams and Matt Lucas could be teaming up for a new TV series

The Little Britain duo recently reunited on political spin-off, Little Brexit


Little Britain fans rejoice – David Walliams has revealed he is in talks with Matt Lucas on a potential new TV series.


The comedy duo recently reunited for Little Britain spin-off, Little Brexit, on BBC Radio 4, and said teaming up had sparked an interest in either revisiting past characters or starting afresh.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Walliams said: “We had great fun doing [Little Brexit], we got Tony Head and Ruth Jones back. It was a total surprise because the audience who came didn’t even know what they were coming to see.”

Addressing new material, he continued: “It was great so hopefully we’ll be doing some more things together. We might do [another TV series together] we were talking about it just today, Jonathan.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams, Little Britain (Getty, EH)
Matt Lucas and David Walliams, Little Britain (Getty, EH)

“But we don’t know for sure exactly what we want to do, whether we want to revisit things from the past or we want to do something totally new.”

Lucas and Walliams wrote and starred in comedy sketch show Little Britain from 2000-2007 across BBC Radio and TV. The show saw the duo take on several characters from Carol “computer says no” Beer, “yeah but no but” Vicky Pollard and Fat Fighters’ leader Marjorie Dawes.

Little Brexit re-introduced Pollard and a host of characters as the comedians commented on the current political toing and froing.


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