Brassic star Joe Gilgun discusses future of show beyond season 4

The Brassic co-creator and star said the future of the show depends on whether its cast stay with it.


Additional reporting by Jo Berry.


Brassic’s Joe Gilgun has spoken about the future of the Sky comedy, telling they will “always have stories” to tell.

When asked how long he would like Brassic to continue for, Gilgun said: “In all truth, it all depends on what Sky want to do.

“The problem we’ve got with shows is the actors don’t all want to stay – sometimes they want to branch out and that’s just part of our industry.

“So we’ve got to do our best to keep all these engine parts because they’re amazing, they make our car win races. It’s important to keep hold of people and, I think, as long as people come back, we’ll always have stories. I don’t think we’ll ever run dry.

“What we’ve decided is to not really have any rules and just let it go in the organic trajectory it wants to go in and not shoehorn our own agendas in there and just hope that, by telling the truth on my end, with Vinnie and the mental health and sadness and whatever, my dad being an alcoholic, we follow the truth of me.”

Gilgun, who created Brassic with Shameless writer Danny Brocklehurst, stars in the series as Vincent ‘Vinnie’ O’Neill, a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder who had a troubled upbringing and now lives in a shack on the outskirts of Hawley.

Michelle Keegan and Damien Molony play Vinny’s best friends Erin and Dylan respectively, while the rest of the cast features the likes of Ryan Sampson, Parth Thakerar, Dominic West, Ruth Sheen and Bronagh Gallagher.


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All episodes of Sky Original Brassic season 3 will be available Wednesday 6th Oct on Sky Max and streaming service NOW. If you’re looking for something else to watch, take a look at the rest of our Comedy coverage or check out our TV Guide.