Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Helen Mirren help out at US Red Nose Day

Ian McKellen and Robert Pattinson also brought a touch of British greatness to the charity event...

There was a very British feel to America’s Red Nose Day this year, as Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch and Helen Mirren helped out backstage. By “helped out” we mean just sort of joked around. Redmayne kept wishing everybody lots of luck, as if they were about to find out if they’d won an Oscar… while Cumberbatch forgot his Sherlock roots as he struggled with some very simple admin tasks.


In the Red Nose Day kitchen, Dame Helen Mirren offered up tea in mugs so kitsch they were fit for a Queen’s Jubilee tea party, and Ian McKellen took control of the teleprompter, fooling Gwyneth Paltrow into saying “Ian McKellen is the greatest person of all time…” And everyone was in such good spirits that even Robert Pattinson took some time off being an angsty vampire to valet park cars for the ‘real’ US stars of the event. 

Here’s the best of British at the US Red Nose day…


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