Arrested Development: Meet George Bluth Sr

A quick guide to the Bluth's patriarch, played by Jeffrey Tambor

George Bluth Sr. is the head of the family, and as such, the main energy source of where all the perpetual Bluth mess oozes out. When we first meet him in Series 1, for example, he is immediately thrown head-first into jail due to a few mishaps with his ‘creative accounting’ experiments. His time inside however doesn’t reform George per se, but gives him a safer pedestal to dictate the family’s growing disdain safely tucked away behind bars, taking great relish in igniting sibling rivalry between George and GOB. The marring of brotherly love of his own kids mirrors George’s contempt for his twin brother Oscar, who is identical to him in every way, except in the follicle sense, which the certifiably bald George deals with in the respectable manner of stealing his wife, firing him from his business, and shaving his head. 


George’s ‘wheeling and dealing’ certainly doesn’t end there, as he is always in the middle of a money-making scheme with ominous intentions: this includes inventing the Cornballer, a banned kitchen device that causes severe burns, working with Suddam Hussein, and stealing ideas for his own personal business triumphs, such as the Original Frozen Banana Stand, which he took from a Korean immigrant in 1953. George is the greatest Apprentice contestant that never was. 

Sample quote

“There’s always money in the banana stand.”


Sample moment