16 things that non-Friends fans will never understand

They can never truly speak your language...



Why are Friends fans always laughing when they say that number?

Why is everyone doing this weird hand thing all the time?

Who got a what?

Why does this guy have such a weird name?

Why are people knocking their fists together instead of swearing normally??

Why does everyone always talk about it?

What’s so funny about the gym?

Why did everyone laugh when I suggested a sharing platter?

What’s with all this strange intonation?

What a weird pet!

What’s so funny about sushi?

Why do Friends fans always swear in Italian?

Yeah, it’s a shop. What’s the big deal?

Is that even a word?

Crap Bag, now Crap Weasel…Friends sounds like a weird show


Isn’t that a medical thing?