BBC News said they couldn’t get anyone from the BBC to comment on the Carrie Gracie row

And no, this isn't the latest storyline on W1A

(BBC Radio 4, JG)

That’s it, the BBC has officially reached peak BBC.


When it came to the BBC’s News at Ten addressing the story about former China Editor Carrie Gracie quitting her job over pay inequality, it turned out that the corporation couldn’t actually secure anyone from the BBC to comment.

So the BBC turned down the chance to have an interview on their own news programme, and instead provided a statement…which was read out on the BBC News at Ten:

Confused? Well it was just the latest baffling broadcasting move by the BBC who earlier on Monday had Gracie presenting the Today programme on Radio 4 just hours after announcing her resignation… and could not directly discuss the story with co-presenter John Humphrys.

She did say that the response “speaks to the depth of hunger for an equal, fair and transparent pay system”.


Gracie, who was appointed the BBC’s first China Editor in 2014, wrote an open letter published on her website in which she accused the BBC of “breaking equality law and resisting pressure for a fair and transparent pay structure.”