There's something magical about Christmas. Suddenly, things which are entirely normal, boring in fact, for the other 11 months of the year become filled with joy.


Walking through your town centre? Much better when the festive lights are twinkling on every street lamp. Going down your street? Much more exciting when Mr Number Four and Ms Number 32 are having having an unspoken competition to see who can have the better light-up Santa display.

Our new favourite thing to add to the Christmas light collection is a light projector. These projectors have a range of functions, allowing you to beam lighting displays onto your home, from falling snow to Christmas trees and snowmen. It's far easier than precariously dangling off a ladder trying to rig up your lights.

These projectors are versatile too, as most can be used inside to project displays onto walls. This means they're not just for Christmas, but work really well for birthday parties, New Year's Eve, or pretty much any event where you want a little added sparkle.

Here are the best Christmas light projectors to buy right now.

Best Christmas light projectors to buy at a glance

Best Christmas light projectors to buy for winter 2022

Golden Christmas Light Projector, £19.99 £7.99 (save £12 or 60%)

Indoor Christmas Light Projector

This indoor projector is perfect for creating cosy, festive moods on these dark December evenings. We think this is a top pick if you've got kids as it is small and super easy to move from room to room.

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Now available for only £7.99 from Wowcher, this is a really good option is you want to add a bit more Christmas joy to your home without breaking the bank.

Golden Christmas Light Projector, £19.99 £7.99 (save £12 or 60%) at Wowcher

VPAGLJO Christmas Snowflake Light Projector, £13.59

Christmas light projector

This projector means you're guaranteed to get snow this Christmas — or at least projected snow flakes. Being waterproof means it can be used inside or outside your home, and it also has two different bases depending on whether you are setting it up on a flat surface like an indoor table, or on grass outdoors.

The energy bill can be a big concern with Christmas lights, but this projector uses LEDs which consume very little energy.

VPAGLJO Christmas Snowflake Light Projector, £13.59 at Amazon

B-right Moving Christmas Light Projector, £29.99 £25.99 (save £4 or 13%)

LED Christmas projector

This is a really amazing projector if you're looking to impress. It has a selection of 12 different patterns, including ones for Valentines Day and Easter, so you can use the projector all year round. The Christmas options include falling snowflakes, Santa and his reindeer and Christmas trees with festive bells.

It's now on offer for 13 per cent off at Amazon, so act now to get the best deal.

B-right Moving Christmas Light Projector, £29.99 £25.99 (save £4 or 13%) at Amazon

Eambrite Multicolour Rotating Light Projector, £32.99

Multicolour light projector

This light projector is a slightly more elegant option that's really good if you're looking for a decoration to use for years to come. It has a fairy snowfall effect which comes in a range of colour settings, such as multi-colour, as well as the Christmas classics of red, green, blue and white.

Unlike some other projectors which might be better suited for those with young children, there's something timeless about the effect of this projector which we think gives it great longevity.

Eambrite Multicolour Rotating Light Projector, £32.99 at Amazon

GRCFBQ Binocular Snowflake Light Projector, £35.89 £31.98 (save £3.91 or 11%)

snowflake binocular projector

This projector is perfect for outdoors, with waterproofing and the ability to withstand temperatures down to -20°C, although we hope it won't get that cold this year! It also has a range of installation modes which means it can be wall-mounted, as well as mounted on a flat surface or on grass.

The remote control for this projector means you won't even have to venture outside to turn the snowflakes on— just point and click.

GRCFBQ Binocular Snowflake Light Projector, £35.89 £31.98 (save £3.91 or 11%) at Amazon


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