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Gmail, Google Drive down as Google services crash worldwide - update

Users have reported issues logging into their Google accounts, others have said they can't see new emails in their inbox.

Gmail down
Published: Thursday, 20th August 2020 at 10:43 am

Gmail, Google Drive and Google Meet are all down globally with users sharing their frustration online as they're unable to log in or access new emails.


The outage tracker DownDetector reports the issues began at about 6am UK time (4:40 GMT), with the services reportedly down in the UK, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, Japan and Malaysia.

Gmail is the world's largest email service with 1.8bn users, while 2bn use the G suite.

Google has said it is aware of the issues and it is working to resolve the problem.

Two thirds of users (61%) reported not being able to get attachments, 22% couldn't log in and 15% can't receive messages.

Users reported it briefly coming back before an outage again. Google has said the problem is a "service disruption".

Google Drive users reported the issue was mainly the service syncing, with 68% reporting the issue.

Google Meet users couldn't record and others couldn't create new files in their Drive.

"We're investigating reports of an issue with Gmail, we will provide more information shortly," Google stated promising more updates as the morning goes on.


"We will provide an update by 20/08 1.30PM IST detailing when we expect to resolve the problem," it said.


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