The KotOR Switch release date is today, and the exact launch time in the UK and beyond is very near indeed. So strap back into the Ebon Hawk and get ready to experience Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Nintendo Switch for the first time!


Originally developed by BioWare, KotOR was a PC and Xbox game initially, but it has gradually eked onto other platforms since its initial launch in 2003. Aspyr is the studio behind most of these ports, including this week's Switch launch, and the team from Aspyr are also working on an all-out KotOR remake for PC and PS5.

So if you're wondering the exact launch time for KotOR on Switch, and all of the other essential news on this exciting port, read on! And prepare to experience one of the greatest Star Wars games ever, all over again.

KotOR Switch release date

The KotOR Switch release date is taking place on Thursday, 11th November 2021. That's the day on which Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will be playable on Nintendo Switch at long last. Whether you've played it before or not, the Switch's portability could make this a great way to jump in.

KotOR Switch launch time, UK and beyond

Here in the UK, the KotOR Switch launch time will occur at 5pm GMT on 11th November. Around the globe, Aspyr has announced these launch times for players to look out for:

  • USA: 9am PST or 11am CST
  • UK: 5pm BST
  • Central Europe: 6pm CET
  • Sydney: 4am AEDT (12th November)

Can I pre-order Knights of the Old Republic on Switch?

You may pre-order Knights of the Old Republic on Switch right now after the game's product page went live on the Nintendo eShop at the end of last month. If you like to secure your purchases nice and early, click away now and buy your digital copy!

KotOR Switch price

The KotOR Switch port is priced at £11.29 GBP in the UK currently. Other regions will vary but it's clear that Aspyr isn't expecting you to pay full whack here. They can't give it away for free, though, of course. You might get some deals and discounts in future, though.

Is there a physical release of KotOR for Switch?

It's bad news for cartridge-loving gamers out there, with digital download lovers having cause to celebrate. That's our long-winded way of saying this: there will not be a physical release of KotOR for Switch, as far as we know.

KotOR Switch trailer

A no-nonsense 30 second KotOR trailer can be found below. While you wait for that KotOR Switch launch time to roll around, take a look here to get yourself pumped up for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Switch!

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