How to watch Joe Wicks PE lesson for kids live every day at 9am

The online lessons are suitable for children of all ages

Joe Wicks - PE Lessons

Superstar fitness coach Joe Wicks is hosting live PE lessons over YouTube for children at home during the coronavirus outbreak.


The classes are specifically designed for children, from little kids right up to secondary school age, although adults can join in as well if they like.

How to watch Joe Wicks’ PE lesson at 9am

The 30-minute sessions called PE with Joe are streamed live on Wicks’ YouTube channel at 9am every weekday morning, and will not require any specialist equipment or large amounts of space.

The first class was held on Monday 23rd March, as announced in this video by Wicks which was posted to his channel the week before:

Wicks has become a big name in fitness and healthy eating in recent years, with his Lean in 15 cookery books becoming national bestsellers.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you. I’m going to take this over. I’m going to get your kids moving, getting energised, positive, optimistic,” he said.

Those wishing to take part simply need to head over to Joe Wicks official YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV, before the class starts at 9am.

Lots of other media personalities are offering free online classes and interactive experiences to help parents and children be entertained and learn while in lockdown – here’s a selection of our favourites from science and maths, to music and history in our TV school timetable.

Wicks joins the likes of Netflix and Universal, who have also taken measures to aid those self-isolating to avoid the spread of the pandemic. The streaming service cut streaming quality to free up bandwidth, while Universal has released some of its films on VOD early.

Do I need any equipment?

Joe Wicks online PE classes are designed to be accessible for all, featuring exercises that don’t require specialist equipment or large amounts of space.

As a result, all you need to take part are some clothes that are suitable to exercise in, but if you wanted to do additional workouts then other more advanced home fitness options are available.

How did Joe Wicks break his arm?

Fans might have been a little concerned to see Wicks sporting a full arm cast in many of his recent PE lesson live streams.

Wicks recently had a nasty fall off his bike which left his wrist bruised and fractured a bone in his hand.

As part of his treatment, the fitness coach required an operation to put a wire in his hand that will help the broken bone to heal correctly.

And on Friday 1st May, Wicks was admitted to hospital after an infection in his hand flared up – resulting in the need for an operation to remove the wires.

Wicks recently revealed that he was donating all the money earned from his online PE lessons to the NHS.

Who is Rosie? Will she continue to appear?

Credit: @thebodycoach Instagram
Credit: @thebodycoach Instagram

With Wicks currently unable to move his hand properly following the surgery he has enlisted the help of his wife, Rosie Jones, who is now demonstrating moves throughout the live 40 minute workout.

Jones is a glamour model and former page three model, who began modelling as a teenager and set an unusual Guinness World Record in 2009 –  for most bras removed and put back on in one minute (she managed a total of seven).

She will continue to help Joe with his live PE sessions while he recovers from his operation.


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