Neighbours cast: Who is joining, leaving and returning to the soap?

Your guide to the comings and goings in Erinsborough

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Get ready for a flurry of comings and goings among the Neighbours cast in the coming months as the soap marks a big milestone in 2020 with old faces and shock exits – here’s your complete guide…



Jane Harris (Annie Jones)

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Plain Jane Superbrain herself is coming back to Neighbours as a regular cast member, 31-years after she was last part of the main cast list. Viewers have seen Jane make numerous guest stints on the show over the last couple of years and despite the last we saw of her being a happy ending with Des Clarke (Paul Keane),  she will be back in town without him- but certainly not on her own as we will meet her daughter, Nicolette for the first time. As for where Jane will be living, seeing as there is no natural fit for her on Ramsay Street, we would not be surprised to see the recently returned Penthouse become her Ernsborough home.

Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller)

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The not dead after all Shaun was last seen departing Ramsay Street when hearing everything that Finn had done in his absence became too much for him. Heading off until he can be a better father, that apparently did not take long as he will be back on screen shortly- in scenes that coincide nicely with episodes filmed surrounding Elly’s upcoming departure. His return is confirmed to be a guest stint, so is he indeed back to whisk Elly and Aster off to Switzerland?


Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta)

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Cursed former teacher Miss Conway is bowing out in the coming weeks after Anasta announced her decision to quit. We’ve seen a meaty storyline of late as Elly was accused of killing evil ex-lover Finn Kelly, who’s reign of terror came to a gripping climax in the 35th anniversary week. “I couldn’t ask for a better way to sign off from Ramsay Street,” says the former Home and Away star, who joined in 2016, replacing Kendall Nunn who originally played Karl and Susan Kennedy’s niece in her teens in a brief stint back in 2002.

Dee Bliss (Madeleine West)

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We’re coming to the end of Madeleine West’s latest stint as Dee Bliss (and presumably Andrea Somers) as recent scenes have shown the romantic reunion between Dee and Toadie prove to be shortlived. With Toadie and Dee unable to agree about Heather, and following the upcoming prison swap story and search for her father, upcoming scenes will show Dee say goodbye yet again. But with actress Madeleine West indicating she would be up for a full-time return, is this another departure for her that is only temporary?


Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes)

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The latest face to join the main cast of Neighbours is a character with many ties to the golden years of the show. Nicolette will soon be introduced as the daughter of Jane Harris and it will be revealed that things have been a touch frosty between them following Jane’s reaction to her coming out as a lesbian years before. Will the two put past differences behind them, or can we expect this relationship to stay strained?

Lewis Curtain (Declan Dennis)

Neighbours Stefan Dennis

Only a guest role this, but it is one worth mentioning due to who is playing the teen who will have scenes with foster child, Emmett. Declan is the son of Neighbours original Stefan Dennis who of course plays Paul Robinson and the show recently gave us some fun pictures of the two on set together. While Paul and Lewis are not due to share the screen, it is nice to see that Neighbors still likes to keep it in the family.

Old face to return

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Neighbours boss Jason Herbison teased to that there are plans for another old face to make a guest appearance, who the producer described as a “fan favourite who lights up every room she enters.” We’ll keep you updated with more info when we get it…


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