Neighbours cast: Who is joining, leaving and returning to the soap?

Your guide to the comings and goings in Erinsborough

neighbours cast update new march 2020

Get ready for a flurry of comings and goings among the Neighbours cast in the coming months as the soap marks a big milestone in 2020 with old faces and shock exits – here’s your complete guide…



Claudia Watkins (Kate Raison)

neighbours Claudia

Finn’s shocking death will bring his feisty mum back to Ramsay Street as she desperately seeks answers on her son’s demise. At first she seems to be on Elly Conway’s side, despite her being accused of the murder, but calculating Claudia has a hidden agenda – to ingratiate herself with Elly then swoop in to get custody of granddaughter Aster! And she’s got a secret weapon up her sleeve to help her…

Samantha Fitzgerald (Simone Buchanan)

neighbours Samantha Fitzgerald

Long-time fans may remember lawyer Samantha, first seen in 2008 as ex-wife of Daniel Fitzgerald who jeopardised his romance with Libby Kennedy. The troubled blonde battled with bipolar disorder and went through quite the emotional roller coaster during her time in Erinsborough. Last seen prosecuting Steph Scully in her trial for killing Ringo Brown in 2010, the legal eagle is back and in cahoots with Claudia to take Elly’s baby!

Dee Bliss (Madeleine West)

Dee’s return from the dead, and antics of dastardly doppelgänger/identical twin Andrea Somers, was one of Neighbours’ biggest and boldest ever plots – and it’s not over. Having finally got closure on his wife’s fate during 2019, Toadie Rebecchi is set to be reunited with Dee and volatile twin Andrea later in 2020 when they both return to Ramsay Street for reasons as yet unknown. “The storyline is the gift that keeps on giving,” executive producer Jason Herbison told us. The mind positively boggles as to where this explosive plot can go next…

Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh)

neighbours sky mangel

Sky was back to marry childhood sweetheart Lana Crawford as party of the soap’s 35th anniversary celebrations in March 2020, and is sticking around for a while as the senior detective on the Finn Kelly murder case. Sky was a regular between 2003-2007 and is the granddaughter of the iconic Harold Bishop, while McIntosh the real-life half-sibling of Erinsborough legend Jason Donovan, who played Scott Robinson.

Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor)

neighbours mark brennan

Hunky cop Mark came back to town initially on a case, and ended up impulsively tying the knot with old flame Paige Smith as one of the couples getting a belated happy ending during Lassiters’ wedding expo. Now Detective Brennan is assisting Sky Mangel on the investigation into Finn Kelly’s death, so the character will remain in Erinsborough for a little while longer. McGregor has played the police officer on and off for a decade, and even came back from the dead once having spent a few years laying low in witness protection, so his current guest stint may not be the last we’ve seen of him.


Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta)

Cursed teacher Miss Conway is bowing out in spring 2020 after Anasta announced her decision to quit. We’re promised a meaty exit storyline as Elly is accused of killing evil ex-lover Finn Kelly, who’s reign of terror came to a gripping climax in the 35th anniversary week. “I couldn’t ask for a better way to sign off from Ramsay Street,” says the former Home and Away star, who joined in 2016, replacing Kendall Nunn who originally played Karl and Susan Kennedy’s niece in her teens in brief stint back in 2001.

Finn Kelly (Rob Mills)

rob mills finn kelly neighbours

Fiendish sociopath Finn was one of Neighbours’ most notoriously evil villains, and he paid the price for his crimes by cracking his head open and drowning in the shallow grave he’d dug for arch-enemy Susan Kennedy, bringing Mills’ eventful three years on the show to a close. “Finn Kelly will live on the nightmares of Ramsay Street!” the actor gleefully told us!

Gary Canning (Damien Richardson)

Neighbours Gary dies

Unlucky Gaz was Finn’s final victim, shot in the chest with an arrow as he tried to rescue Bea Nilssen and Harlow Robinson from a mineshaft (as you do) during the late-night anniversary week specials. Gary had just jilted lover Prue Wallace and was one of the few locals to be suspicious of Finn’s behaviour, and the pair had bad blood going back to Mr Kelly’s grooming of Gary’s daughter Xanthe a few years back. Richardson had played Sheila’s henpecked son since 2014.

Prue Wallace (Denise Van Outen)

Neighbours Prue

The UK TV star made her first guest appearance as Harlow’s flaky mum in 2019 and subsequently returned to the show for several guest appearances before being killed off in anniversary week. Poor Prue had been dumped by fiance Gary and drove off to make amends, not realising she had taken a box containing a bomb Finn had planted – intending to kill Lucy Robinson – which then exploded while she left a heart wrenching voicemail for her daughter…


A new Canning

Filling the gap left by Gary will be a new member of the Canning clan, appearing later this year. Show bosses are not revealing if it’s someone we’ve already met that may be recast, or a long-lost relative nobody knows about. Sheila’s other grandsons, Dane and Harley, have been seen in brief guest roles almost a decade ago, could one of them be on the way back to comfort the grieving matriarch?

Old faces return

neighbours logo

Neighbours boss Jason Herbison teased to one of the returnees we saw in the anniversary week will be back on a permanent basis later this year, but he wouldn’t reveal who. Jane Harris? Des Clarke? Lucy Robinson? Plus there are plans for another old face to make a guest appearance, who the producer described as a “fan favourite who lights up every room she enters.” We’ll keep you updated with more info when we get it…


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