Snowpiercer full release schedule – each episode’s Netflix release date

Here's when you can watch the next episode of Snowpiercer on Netflix.


A new series based on Oscar winner Bong Joon-Ho’s 2013 sci-fi film Snowpiercer (and the French graphic novel on from which the film was adapted) is currently streaming on Netflix – with Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs playing starring roles.


But unlike most shows on the streaming platform, the 10 episodes have not all arrived at once – so it  won’t be possible to binge the entire season all in one go, at least not until all the episodes have dropped in July.

Read below for the full schedule and when to expect new episodes…

When are new episodes of Snowpiercer available on Netflix?

The first two episodes, titled First the Weather Changed and Prepare to Brace were made available on Monday 25th May, with the third added on 1st June.

One new episode will debut on a weekly basis, arriving on the platform every Monday until the two-part finale, with the ninth and 10th episodes expected to arrive on Netflix on Monday 13th July.

The reason for the weekly schedule concerns the programmes broadcast schedule in the US. Across the Atlantic, the show is not airing on Netflix but on subscription television network TNT, with episodes broadcast every Sunday – so we’ll be getting the episodes just one day after their American premieres.

Snowpiercer episode release schedule

Want a more in-depth Snowpiercer release schedule? We have you covered…

Snowpiercer episodes 1 and 2: Monday, 25th May

Snowpiercer episode 3: Monday, 1st June

Snowpiercer episode 4: Monday, 8th June

Snowpiercer episode 5: Monday, 15th June

Snowpiercer episode 6: Monday, 22nd June

Snowpiercer episode 7: Monday, 29th June

Snowpiercer episode 8: Monday, 6th July

Snowpiercer episode 9 & 10: Monday, 13th July

What time will Snowpiercer episodes be released on Netflix?

An official time has not been given – but normally new episodes are added to Netflix at or before 8am, so expect a similar schedule when it comes to Snowpiercer.


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