Meet the cast of The Crown season 3

Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies lead the brand-new cast of Netflix's royal drama

David Rintoul plays Michael Adeane

David Rintoul plays Michael Adeane in The Crown season 3

Who was Michael Adeane? The man who served as Private Secretary to Elizabeth II from 1953 to 1972. The Private Secretary is the principal channel of communication between the monarch and her governments, and handles her schedule and correspondence.


What else has David Rintoul been in? Aside from his extensive theatre work, David Rintoul is known for roles including Aerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Dr John Finlay in the TV series Doctor Finlay, and The Stranger in Pierce Brosnan film The Ghost Writer. He is the voice of multiple characters in Pepper Pig, including Granddad Dog. Rintoul replaces Will Keen in The Crown.

Charles Edwards plays Martin Charteris

Charles Edwards plays Martin Charteris in The Crown season 3

Who was Martin Charteris? Played by Harry Hadden-Paton in seasons one and two, Martin Charteris was appointed Private Secretary to then-Princess Elizabeth in 1950. When she became Queen he spent two years working as her Assistant Private Secretary under Sir Michael Adeane, until Adeane retired and he stepped up to Private Secretary.

Charteris left that role in 1977, and later gave an unexpectedly-candid interview to The Spectator in which he described Prince Charles as “such a charming man, when he isn’t being whiny, which he can be, rather.” (He said he was never scolded for those remarks by his old boss the Queen, who visited him just before his death in 1999.)

What else has Charles Edwards been in? The actor starred as Lady Edith’s doomed lover Michael Gregson in Downton Abbey, and has since appeared in The Halcycon, The Terror, and Sherlock (as David Welsborough in the episode The Six Thatchers). Charles Edwards previously played Diana Princess of Wales’s private secretary Patrick Jephson in the 2013 movie Diana.

Mark Lewis Jones plays Edward Millward

Mark Lewis Jones plays Edward Millward in The Crown

Who is Edward Millward? A Welsh nationalist and academic. He had just completed a two year term being Vice-President of the Welsh independence party Plaid Cymru when he was asked to teach Welsh to Prince Charles ahead of his investiture as the Prince of Wales. Millward had nine weeks to get Charles ready during his term at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

What else has Mark Lewis Jones been in? The Welsh actor plays Iwan Bevan in Jack Thorne’s Channel 4 drama The Accident, and is Steve Baldini in hit Welsh drama Keeping Faith. You may also recognise him for roles in National Treasure, Stella, or Chernobyl (as General Pikalov). On the big screen, he played Captain Canady in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Nia Roberts plays Silvia Millward

Nia Roberts plays Silvia Millward in The Crown

Who is Silvia Millward? Edward Millward’s wife.

What else has Nia Roberts been in? Welsh actress Nia Roberts played Saran James in Keeping Faith, Elin Jones in Hidden, and Claire in 35 Diwrnod. She starred opposite Ioan Gruffudd in Welsh/Yiddish Oscar-nominated movie Solomon a Gaenor, and in 2010 she made a guest appearance in Doctor Who as Ambrose.

Tim McMullan plays Robin Woods

Tim McMullan plays Robin Woods in The Crown

Who was Robin Woods? Robin Woods became the Dean of Windsor in 1962, a role he held until 1970 when he was made Bishop of Worcester. During this time he gave services at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and also teamed up with Prince Philip to found St George’s House in 1966 – described on its own website as “a place where people of influence and responsibility in every area of society can come together to explore and communicate their views and analysis of contemporary issues.”

What else has Tim McMullan been in? Aside from his stage work, Tim McMullan has appeared in Doctor Thorne (as Earl de Courcy), Foyle’s War (as Arthur Valentine) and The Witness for the Prosecution (as Sir Hugo Meredith). This isn’t his first foray into royal drama; in 2006 he appeared in The Crown creator Peter Morgan’s The Queen, playing Stephen Lamport.

Andrew Buchan plays Andrew Parker Bowles

Andrew Buchan plays Andrew Parker Bowles in The Crown

Who is Andrew Parker Bowles? The man who went on to marry Charles’ ex-girlfriend, Camilla Shand – who became Camilla Parker Bowles. Andrew’s parents were close friends with the Queen Mother, and he actually served as a page at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

When he hit adulthood he joined the military, and in the 70s and 80s he played on Prince Charles’ polo team; he also dated Princess Anne, but he’d had an on-off relationship with Camilla – and in 1973 they were married. The two have since divorced and both remarried.

What else has Andrew Buchan been in? The actor played Mark Latimer in Broadchurch, and Franklin Clarke in Agatha Christie adaptation The ABC Murders. He starred as John Paul Getty II in kidnapping drama All the Money in the World, alongside Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer and Mark Wahlberg.

Harry Treadaway plays Roddy Llewellyn

Harry Treadaway plays Roddy Llewellyn in The Crown

Who is Roddy Llewellyn? A landscape gardener and writer, and the son of Olympic show jumping gold medallist Sir Harry Llewellyn. In 1973, at the age of 25, he began an affair with 43-year-old Princess Margaret. According to the BBC, Margaret and Roddy “first met in Scotland in September 1973 at the Café Royal in Edinburgh when travelling to a house party in Peebleshire hosted by Margaret’s old friend, Colin Tennant.” The affair lasted eight years.

What else has Harry Treadaway been in? He starred as Dr Victor Frankenstein in the TV series Penny Dreadful, and played Brady Hartsfield in Mr Mercedes. Next up, Harry Treadaway is set to play Narek in 2020’s Star Trek: Picard. And if you’re convinced you’ve seen him in some other TV shows like Ordeal by Innocence or Traitors or Fortitude, or movies like A Street Cat Named Bob, you’re not going mad: Harry actually has a twin brother, Luke Treadaway, who is also an actor.

Michael Maloney plays Prime Minister Ted Heath

Michael Maloney plays Prime Minister Ted Heath

Who was Edward Heath? Conservative leader Ted Heath served as Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974, taking over from Labour’s Harold Wilson. As we see in The Crown, his lower middle-class background was unusual for a Tory leader of the time; his father was a carpenter and builder who later ran a small business, and his mother was originally a maid, but he attended grammar school and the University of Oxford. He loved classical music and had a Steinway grand piano installed in 10 Downing Street. He is one of only four British prime ministers never to have married.

Ted Heath was enthusiastic about Europe, and with Parliament’s support, he took Britain into the European Economic Community in 1973. He also went to war with the trade unions, but was faced with miners’ strikes which led to the implementation of “the Three-Day Week” to conserve energy. When he called an election in 1974 hoping to get a mandate against the miners’ wage demands, things did not go his way and he resigned as Prime Minister. Margaret Thatcher successfully challenged him for the Conservative party leadership the following year.

What else has Michael Maloney been in? Recently, he’s been on our TVs as Neville Gallagher in Midsomer Murders episode The Lions of Causton, and as the Bishop in Victoria, and as George Gonzalo in Shakespeare & Hathaway. He also played Sir Robert Peel in The Young Victoria, and has appeared in shows including River, Mr Selfridge, New Worlds, and The White Queen.

Henry Pettigrew plays Neil Armstrong

Henry Pettigrew plays Neil Armstrong in The Crown

Who is Neil Armstrong? The American astronaut who uttered the famous words: “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” Commander Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, a feat he achieved on 20th July 1969. After a period in quarantine to make sure they’d not brought home any scary alien germs, he and his crew (Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) rode in parades in New York and Chicago and spoke in Congress before setting off on a 38-day world tour to 22 foreign countries – including a visit to London.

What else has Henry Pettigrew been in? Originally from Scotland, Henry Pettigrew has played DC Jeremy Cole in Line of Duty, Niels in The Danish Girl, Bruce Lockwood in New Blood, and Dominic Green in Death in Paradise.

Felix Scott plays Buzz Aldrin

Felix Scott plays Buzz Aldrin in The Crown

Who is Buzz Aldrin? The lunar module pilot on NASA’s Apollo 11, and the second man ever to step foot on the moon.

What else has Felix Scott been in? The British actor recently played Sean Donovan in Grantchester. He’s also been Sergeant Ewan Murray in No Offence, Francis Bryan in Wolf Hall, Mike Pruddy in Doc Martin, and DC Jason Doyle in Missing. Fans of Radio 4 soap The Archers will know him as the voice of Charlie Thomas, a role he’s played since 2014.

Andrew Lee Potts plays Michael Collins

Andrew Lee Potts plays Michael Collins in The Crown

Who is Michael Collins? American astronaut Michael Collins was the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 11; while Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong went down to the lunar surface, he flew alone in lunar orbit around the moon.

What else has Andrew Lee Potts been in? The English actor played Connor Temple in Primeval, as well as the spin-off Primeval: New World. His other credits include Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, The Mill, and The Innocents.

Angus Wright plays Martin Furnival Jones

Angus Wright plays Martin Furnival Jones in The Crown

Who was Martin Furnival Jones? Director General of MI5 from 1965 to 1972.

What else has Angus Wright been in? He appeared in Peep Show (playing a character also called Angus) and has also popped up in Succession, Year of the Rabbit, The Iron Lady, Rogue One, and The Little Stranger. The actor played George in the TV series Flowers.

Richard Harrington plays Fred Phillips

Richard Harrington plays Fred Phillips in The Crown

Who is Fred Phillips? In The Crown, he is a miner and father in the Welsh town of Aberfan.

What else has Richard Harrington been in? Poldark fans might remember him as Captain Andrew Blamey. Richard Harrington has also played DCI Tom Mathias in Hinterland, Aron Morgan in Requiem, and Gabriel Cochrane in Lark Rise to Candleford.

David Wilmot plays Arthur Scargill

Arthur Scargill in The Crown

Who is Arthur Scargill? As portrayed in the trailer for The Crown (above), Arthur Scargill is a British trade unionist. He played a key role during the strikes of 1972 and 1974 as the miners faced down Ted Heath’s Conservative government, and went on to become President of the National Union of Mineworkers from 1982-2002.

What else has David Wilmot been in? He played Sergeant Donald Atherton in Ripper Street, and Sir Ralph Ellerker in The Tudors. Film credits include Anna Karenina, Intermission, and The Guard.

Jessica de Gouw plays Lucy Lindsay-Hogg

Jessica de Gouw plays Lucy Lindsay-Hogg in The Crown

Who is Lucy Lindsay-Hogg? Tony Armstrong Jones (Lord Snowden) married Lucy Lindsay-Hogg the same year he and Princess Margaret officially divorced: 1978. Lucy and Tony later divorced in 2000, after the existence of a two-year-old son from an extramarital affair was revealed.


What else has Jessica de Gouw been in? The Australian actress played Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress in Arrow, and Mina Murray in Dracula. She also plays Amelia Lydgate in the BBC Two drama Vienna Blood.

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