Meet the cast of Cold Feet

The 'Feeters face new challenges in series 8

Cold Feet s 8 cast Cropped

Cold Feet, the long-running saga of the Mancunian mates is back for series 8.


They are older – but are they any wiser?

As the action picks up Adam (James Nesbitt) is a bit forlorn – and is wondering whether his twinkly ladies man ways are a bit undignified for a man of his years. David (Robert Bathurst) has a new woman in his life – but no direction on the work front. And Karen (Hermione Norris) will no doubt be left to pick up the pieces of whatever pickle her ex-husband lands himself in.

But the most hear-wrenching storylines look like they will centre around Pete and Jenny, the solid no-nonsense pair played by Fay Ripley and John Thomson…


Come and reacquaint yourself with the gang…