The boy who lived inspired seven books and eight films. There's another movie series in the works, about Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them author Newt Scamander. And just last month Neville Longbottom himself told us he'd jump at the chance of his own spin-off.


In fact, the expanded Potter universe is positively bursting with characters eager to head out the Gryffindor, and Slytherin to our homes and cinemas.

Here at towers (it looks a lot like Hogwarts in case you were wondering) we've been having a good think about it and have come up with a few Harry Potter film and TV spin-offs we'd love to see...

Longbottom (Neville Longbottom)

If Matthew Lewis wants a Neville spin-off we'll give him a Neville spinoff.

Imagine if squeaky clean Neville Longbottom hadn't stayed on the straight and narrow? What if the accident prone wizard had ended up living in a Hammersmith flat with his pal and partner in crime, Seamus Finnegan.

Longbottom would see Neville struggling to pick up the pieces of his failed Herbology teaching career, while getting up to all manner of slapstick antics with twisted Irish firestarter Seamus. This pair would need more Skelegrow to replace their broken bones than Hogwarts nurse Madame Pomfrey could shake a sorcerer's stick at.

It'd make for Harry Potter sitcom heaven but you probably couldn't air it until after eleven.

Witches (Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang)

Lena Dunham eat your heart out: these magical ladies could teach the cast of HBO's hit comedy drama a thing or two about how to be a witch in the 21st-century.

Seven books and eight movies later we have NO idea what the girls of Harry Potter got up to behind the scenes so what better way to find out than with their very own one-hour comedy drama?

Following the lives of figurative high-flyer Hermione (who's living in that unthinkable universe where JK Rowling didn't give her and Ron that happily ever after) literal high-flyer Ginny (whose Quidditch career has really taken off), loveable eccentric Luna (who now makes millions working for a psychic hotline) and 'It Girl' in the know (aka party and potion mad) Cho.

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Pomfrey's Anatomy (Madam Pomfrey)

Would Glideroy Lockhart make a decent Dr McDreamy? He'll have his work cut out for him on Pomfrey's (pronounced Pom-fray's for emphasis) Anatomy, a hard hitting medical drama about the Hogwarts infirmary's finest.

Matron Poppy Pomfrey runs a tight ship and takes no lip from the students and teachers who pass through her ward, but what if her world was turned upside down by a wizard who could melt even the coldest of Lock-hearts? That's precisely the predicament we find Poppy in when first we meet her in the hospital wing.

Can this magical pair find love? Or will the fast paced world of wizarding medical magic reveal what they've been hiding in their Chamber of Secrets?

Cat-astrophe (Mrs Norris)

She's small. She's fierce. She's been PETrified on more than one occasion. And yet we'd wager that Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch has no clue what Mrs Norris gets up to.

The feisty feline may have proved a pesky foe for Harry and co but if you clapped a camera on her collar her story would be just as interesting as Potter's seven book saga. From those secret cat naps in the corridors to a feline feast in the Room of Requirement, and perhaps even a rendezvous behind furry enemy lines with Hermione's beloved Crookshanks, Cat-astrophe would expose dear old Mrs Norris, Hogwarts and all.

Get a camera for her collar and watch her go. The Secret Life of Cats would pale in comparison.

Myrtle in the Middle (Moaning Myrtle)

Destined to wallow in the u-bend for the rest of her days, this weepy witch won't rest until she's haunted half the men of Hogwarts, putting herself smack bang in the middle of all their affairs. Well, being petrified by a basilisk is bound to leave you feeling a bit bitter...

True to form, Myrtle's very own TV-spinoff would allow us to watch in mild terror as she torments any wizard who crosses her path. Heaven help the next hopeless soul who leaves the seat up in her beloved lavatory or, even worse, forgets to flush.

Oh and as for the living breathing ladies who stand in her non-corporeal way: Myrtle doesn't exactly hold back when letting them know who's top witch.

McGonagall (Minerva McGonagall)

MacGyver may have been a top agent for the Phoenix Foundation but Minerva McGonagall is one of the Order of The Phoenix's finest and her origin story sure would make for one super spin-off.

In McGonagall we learn that the usually strait-laced and severe Minerva wasn't always so prim and proper. In fact, the Animgaus was a swinging cat back in her day, until a mysterious and tragic event catnipped her wild behaviour in the bud.

Watch as she gets up to all kinds of trouble, fighting off threats and batting away the affection of household pets. There's even room for a Mrs Norris Cat-astrophe crossover. How on earth could you say no?

Slytherins (Slytherin House)

What happens in the dungeons stays in the dungeons. That's the REAL motto of Slytherin house, where they brew some very interesting potions and cook up some rather curious schemes.

We've spent years watching them leering from their table in the Great Hall but now, for the first time, we finally head down to those dark dungeons to learn what lies (telling tales is their forte, is it not?) beneath. Not long after we slither in, we learn that Tony and the cast of Skins ain't got nothin' on this lot.

Malfoy and co know where the fiendish fun begins and they won't stop until they've made more Hogwarts history than you could ever learn from Professor Binns.

Him & Hermione (Ron and Hermione)

JK Rowling may have said she regrets marrying them off to each other but we think Ron and Hermione are a winning combination. In fact, they're worthy of their very own sitcom.

Imagine this: before they're married, Ron and Hermione must navigate the murky wizarding waters of their late teens and early twenties. They fight, they row, the break up every now and again, but it's Weasly to see that they're a magical match made in Hogwarts heaven.

A new role liaising with muggles leads the pair to the real world, where they fall into some rather strange habits and get just a tad lazy. A bit like Steve and Becky from Him & Her really. Can they keep the magic alive?

Well, with Hermione on the case any mischief will surely be managed... right?

My Mad Fatal Diary (Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle)

Poor Ginny Weasley just can't catch a break. It's her first year at Hogwarts and her beloved heartthrob Harry Potter STILL doesn't know she exists. What's a wizarding girl to do?

Write it all down in her dear diary of course. Except Ginny's diary is a little different to all the others. It's got a name. And a voice. And it keeps her deepest darkest secrets close to it's heart. That Tom Marvolo Riddle is such a nice imaginary chap, isn't he Ginny?

My Mad Fatal diary follows Ginny and Tom as they set about creating their very own Chamber of teenage Secrets. From sleepovers with the Slytherins to a spot of chicken strangling, there's no magical murderous escapade that the pair don't happily reminisce about.

But what happens when Tom decides it's high time that Ginny flipped more than just the page?

Spooks (The Ghosts of Hogwarts)

Peeves was brutally and unjustly deprived of his moment to shine in the Harry Potter film franchise so why shouldn't he and his fellow ghosts get their moment in the figurative sun?

They've got some tales to tell too. Who wouldn't want to watch Helena Ravenclaw (The Grey Lady) and the Bloody Baron have that long overdue screaming match? He did murder her after all. And what about Nearly Headless Nick's little niggles about the Headless Hunt. He's clearly got quite a few scores to settle.

It'd be simply ghastly to leave their tales untold.

Educating Rita (Rita Skeeter)

Julie Walters may have wanted to get a REAL education in the original film but it's time we sent Rita Skeeter to finishing school.

The magical world's morality free journalist sure could do with learning some manners so, in this reality TV series, she'd be put through her paces by the fine upstanding ladies of the Wizarding Women's Institute. They'll be confiscating her quick quote quill and teaching her to type, for starters.

Miss Skeeter might Hufflepuff, but they'll send her out the Gryffindor a bonafide lady. You'd hope.

Mafalda (Mafalda Hopkirk)

Miranda has gone and left us but that doesn't mean there isn't room for another wild and wacky woman on our TV screens now, does it? And who better to take her place than Mafalda Hopkirk, the witch who never really got broom to breathe in the Potter series.

Just IMAGINE the wild assortment of weird scenarios the prim and proper witch from the Improper Use of Magic Office could find herself in on a daily basis. From run-ins with evil Runcorn to slip-ups with Kingsley Shacklebolt and marvelously madcap shopping trips to Madam Malkin's, she'd have to Raveclaw her way out of many a sticky situation.

Such fun!


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