Ryan Reynolds strips off and mocks his fellow superheroes in first teaser for Deadpool 2

The footage playing before Logan has been released online – with an added Stan Lee cameo


There might not be an end credits scene playing after Logan in cinemas, but there is a teaser for Deadpool 2 showing at the beginning – and it promises a return to mockery and cheekiness for Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson.


The clip kicks off with the Merc with a Mouth listening to the St. Elmo’s Fire theme song when he spots a man being robbed at gunpoint. He then runs into a phone booth to change as the Superman theme tune plays, flashing his rear end and taking an implausibly long time to get dressed and save the day.

The footage also features a cameo from Stan Lee which was cut from the version currently playing in cinemas…

… and we get a tease for the release date: “Not soon enough”.


We couldn’t agree more.