Michael Keaton’s Batman fights Christopher Reeve’s Superman in awesome Honest Trailers face-off

As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gets ready for release, there's another battle of vintage superheroes going on...


The battle is on between Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight and Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel.


Honest Trailers have released a frank, funny take-down of both 1978’s Superman and 1989’s Batman at the same time, and will decide on the victor based on how many views each of the trailers gets.

The best line?

“Witness one of the best superhero castings of all time in Michael Keaton, a man so perfect for the role his eyebrows are shaped like the logo. He’s a reclusive billionaire dressed like your 10th grade English teacher who’s so unstable it actually feels plausible he would pretend to be a bat and beat up poor people.” 

Here’s the Honest Trailer for Batman…


And here’s the trailer for Superman…